Manuel Gallego. For the territory of the Architecture

The documentary narrates, like introspective trip, the project process of five works of the architect Manuel Gallego, interlaced in the time, for the territory of Galicia and for the thought of the architect. In him they show successively the House in Corrubedo (1967-1970), House in Oleiros (1977-1979), House gives Culture in Valdoviño (1981-1993), Institutes of Investigation in Santiago de Compostela (1992-1997), and Marries of the President of the Autonomous government of Galicia of Galicia in Santiago de Compostela (1998-2001); at the same time as during the trip – conversation of one day with the architect different reflections are spilt on the work and the architecture.

ARCHITECT. Manuel Gallego Jorreto.

It is born in Carballiño, Ourense, in 1936. Graduate and Doctor Architect for the Technical Top School of Architecture of Madrid. It is employed at Madrid with Alejandro de la Sota from 1963 to 1966. In 1969 he is a scholarship holder in the Cours des Techniques d’Urbanisme,, ASTEF, Paris, France.

Charter member of the Museum do Pobo Galego and of Estudos Galegos’s Seminar, was A Teacher in the First International Seminar of Architecture, SIAC, 1976. Architect of the Department of the Housing for opposition has been An Architect Chief of the Provincial Services of Urbanism of To Corunna until 1986. Teacher Titular of Urban development I and Project tutor End of Career, ETSA Corunna from 1987. In 1988 he was a teacher invited in the máster of the Laboratori DʼUrbanisme of Barcelona, and in 2002, 2007 and 2008, project teacher invited in the ETSA of the University of Navarre.

Medal Castelao, the VIIIth I Reward COAG and National Prize of the Architecture for the Museum of Fine arts of To Corunna, in 1997 Pedrón de Ouro receives the Prize, Prize of the Critique for the Arts and the Sciences of Galicia, and the National Prize of Architecture. Professor of the Department of Architectural Projects and Urbanism of the Technical Top School of Architecture of the University of To Corunna from 2002. In 2008 it receives the National Prize gives Culture Galega and the Golden medal of the Architecture in 2011. I reward in the Biennial show XII Spanish of Architecture and Urbanism in 2013.

From his beginnings it has taken part in diverse national exhibitions and international, given courses, conferences, presentations in centers and universities of Spain and the foreigner. Juror in national and international contests, his work has been widely published in diverse monographs and periodic national and international publications.

PRODUCER. Pablo Gallego Picard

Architect and doctor for the ETSAM, is a teacher in the ETSA of To Corunna and in the CA Institute. Since architect has work constructed in London, New York and Galicia. Collaborator, from 1998 until 2006, in the studies of architecture of Víctor Lopez Cotelo, Manuel Gallego, Them Abuse and Blacksmiths, David Chipperfield, Stan Allen y Tuñón and Mansilla; in 1998 he was a scholarship holder for the Foundation Barrié of the Mace to realize a Master of Science for Columbia’s University. Award winner with the William Kinne Fellows Award in the year 2000, The First Prize Eurobread 8 in Coimbra Portugal’s city and for the Museum of the Neanderthal in Piloña, recently has been a finalist of the Prizes FAD the 2013, VIth prize of architecture Enor, and of the XIIth BEAU, for his project of Environmental Recovery of the Fluvial Beach in Goián. Published in different national and international magazines his work has been exposed in diverse collective exhibitions: Biennial show of Architecture of Venice, Carré D’Art of the Ville of Paris, Galician Center of Contemporary Art.

As photographer and producer, he studies in London with the brothers Doyle (Panic Studio) and in New York with the photographer Thomas Roma and the producer Jeff Scher in the Visual School of Arts and Film School, Columbia’s University in New Cork. Likewise, it has taken part in the Workshops of Gabriele Basilico and Joan Fontcuberta in the CGAC. His work has been exposed of collective form in the Biennial show XXX of Art of Pontevedra and, of individual form, in the Foundation Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, Series of arches of New Departments, COAG Corunna, COAG Vigo and in the Gallery Spring of New York.

In the year 2008 it directs Polo territorio da Arquitectura, Manuel Gallego, under Eloy Lozano’s order for the TVG (TV of Galicia). Selected by the Biennial show VI Latin-American of Architecture and Urbanism of Montevideo, between 2007 and 2009 the documentary Unha Viaxe Por… 1929-2009. Drift I. In these moments it is finishing the second part.

Joint manager of the magazine of art and architecture O-monografías from 2001 until 2009, has published different tests and photographies in diverse magazines as well as different books: A Aldea Terremota with Xurzo Souto, Os Centros da Terra, O viaxe a fin da Terra, Terra, o Unha Viaxe por…1929-2009 Deriva I, apuntes.

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