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Every time with more frequency BIM he accompanies to the projects of construction and infrastructures with public financing during the whole life cycle, from the beginning of the planning up to the dismantlement of the building. To help architects and planners already in the phase of planning, Jung offers now in his web Portal all his products as objects BIM for the solutions of software Autodesk Revit and Graphisoft Archicad.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) defines the structural processes inside the process of planning and allows that architects and planners should develop a model of three-dimensional building, with orientation to the components. All the information and the relevant properties of the building are guarded in the model BIM, which allows that they could be consulted by all the parts involved in the planning. The so called objects BIM form an associative network in the context of a planning integrativa, which allows to define interfaces between the specialities and to identify mistakes of planning. BIM simplifies this way the communication between the different specialities involved in the work and contributes to a profitable planning.


Library of Graphisoft Archicad and Jung’s Autodesk Revit.

In the objects Jung’s BIM there are guarded all the relevant properties of the product for the planning, as the type of material, the dimensions and the most important presentations. Likewise, the not compatible combinations are excluded by means of a logical checking. The adjustment of visible components of design across the menu is visible simultaneously in all the representations of the planning.

Finally, to receive detailed information of the product, a direct link leads to Jung’s catalogue, and there exists the possibility of generating the necessary quantities of pieces and lists of order directly from the same software. In a clear interface, there can be combined all the frames and mechanisms Jung by total flexibility, and the final select combination offers in the shape of complete object in the software.

It is possible to request an informative mail and agree and unload the configurators – in different languages – for BIM from the same Jung‘s web page.

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