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The workshop “gentrification is not a lady’s name” it comes to Bogota in September, 2013 in the context from La Otra, Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo dof the Colombian capital. The spaces of intervention proposed placed in the Neighborhoods of The Perseverancia, The Pertaining to La Macarena one and left Forest, in the zone downtown

La Perseverancia
La Perseverancia was the first working neighborhood of Bogota. Classified as socioeconomic stratum 2 (where 1 is the stratum of income more down and 6 the highest) it is surrounded at present with zones of well-off middle class. His community origin even is visible in the typology of microapples, marked by the autoconstruction of the houses and the public space, inheritance of the social relations of production and property of the industrialization in Colombia.

In the imaginary of Bogotá one on the neighborhood and his peoples there is mixed the strong feeling of belonging and the marginality, a stigma of dangerousness and crime that has generated a psychological barrier to the individual initiative.

The history of The Perseverance is a history of resistance and fight, tied to the Night of the Torches and to Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, political personality that tried to give voice to the excluded ones, and popular symbol of the neighborhood.

Of La Perseverancia the alcoholic maize drink is made still to the traditional way, since it was made of the semiclandestine chicherías of the 30s, which they resisted to the attempt of estigmatización of the cultural expressions of the indigenous people.

La Macarena
The Pertaining to La Macarena one, acquaintance like “Bogotá Soho” is the contiguous neighborhood and at present he is in a clear process of gentrificación. Considered for a long time a Bohemian neighborhood, it shelters today one of the major gastronomic offers, of night and cultural leisure of the city. It is nowadays an area of attraction of private initiative and creative class in expansion.

Bosque Izquierdo
Finally Left Forest was decades ago the neighborhood aristocrat of Bogota, where later he found I spread the artistic, political and intellectual elite of the city. Declared as Sector of Cultural Interest with Individual Development for his original tracing, it was planned in the 30s as part of a project of expulsion of the working classes of the hills or high zones of the city. The permanent filming of Soap operas Left Forest is seen by his inhabitants as an invasion of the public space

La Otra, Bienal de Arte Contemporaneo
Curiously, the phases of the gentrificación coincide spatially with the line that it crosses three neighborhoods of intervention of Other one, Biennial show of Contemporary Art:

– La Perseverancia: stigmatization/abandon
– La Macarena: revaluation
– Bosque Izquierdo: elite/exclusion

Left Hand Rotation proposes a process of collective reflection with the participants and public of the Biennial show and the neighbors of the neighborhoods of The Perseverance and The Pertaining to La Macarena one: can process of gentrificación in expansion of The Pertaining to La Macarena one concern in the future The Perseverance? Are we the artists and public of the biennial show the top of lance of this process?

A photonovel or photohistory is a story in photographies, a dialog between the comic and the cinema, which departs from a narrative plot or script and develops across the secuencialización of images, dialogs, and voice in off. The arguments of the Soap operas and Photonovels turn concerning questions of social classes, which is also in the center itself of the questions associated with the gentrificación.

During the practical days one proposed to the participants of the workshop the collective creation of a PHOTONOVEL which argument was facilitating the comprehension of the problematic ones associated with the processes of gentrificación across the fiction. Definitively, a publication that was working as appliance of diffusion to facilitate, on one hand, the access to the local community to information about the impacts and problematic associated with the above mentioned processes, and for other one, to favor an exercise of reflection between the participants and public of Other one, Biennial show of Contemporary Art on the paper of the creative class in the processes of gentrificación.

Andrea Bonilla, Andrés Jurado, Carlos Bríñez, Chucho, Doña Tere, Fabien Vial, Jerry, Juliana Rojas, Pao Martina, Paola Luna, Pegajoso, Rubén García, Territorios Luchas, Wallace Masuko, Zuzu Jaramillo, La Otra Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo de Bogotá, La Redada Miscelania Cultural y a El Parche Artist Residency.

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