J.L. Sert / A nomadic dream

Jose Luis Sert was the first Spanish architect of international reputation. Apostle of the rationalism in Spain and Dean of the Faculty of Harvard’s Architecture during almost two decades, Sert was also a man full of contradictions. A rebellious spirit. A free verse in a world dominated by the copy and the reproduction seriada. Member of a known aristocratic family and out-standing republican militant, Sert had the presumption of being an architect of forefront in a country where it was governing the most absolute aesthetic conservatism. It was catholic and libertarian. It was also, as all the exiles, a vitalist of sad spirit, a craftsman of the common sense to whom he had to live in an extreme world. He travelled, emigrated, fled. It sheltered where it could: Paris, Havana, New York and finally Boston. Son of the Count of Sert and nephew in the second degree of the first Marquess of Inverted commas, Jose Luis had to hide in The United States after the Civil war. And there it was capable of reconstructing a professional career that led him to turning into one of the most important architects of his generation. Sert opened doors, I cultivate friendship and it represented Spain during decades in the most select circles of the contemporary architecture.

My life is divided in chapters that take names of cities: Barcelona, Paris, New York and Boston; a nomadic life with too many changes, but without any boring moment “.

Direction and script: Pablo Bujosa Rodríguez

executive Production: Antonio Chavarrías, Mihalis Gripiotis and Pablo Bujosa Rodríguez

Realisation and setting: Miguel Ángel Abraham

Alè Produccions

USA/Spain 2013

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