Failure of the V edition of the Architecture Elevators Enor Prizes

The Andalusian architect Juan Domingo Santos was the winner of the Great Prize in the V edition of the Prizes Elevators Enor of Architecture. The juror thought that his Museum of the Water in Lanjarón for ” The sensibility with which constructions lacking in value recover with a collective recollection ballasted by his previous use and they obtain a few values that amplify the resonances that the content of the museum could show. ” His work is in Lanjarón, on the banks of the river of the same name. Juan Domingo received the hand award of the winner of the previous edition, Víctor Lopez Cotelo.

Water Museum in Lanjarón by Juan Domingo | Santos Fernando Alda |

Juan Domingo’s name was the last one that stayed awake during one night that before there were showing to the public the works of the finalists and of the winners in other modalities. The prize for the best project of Galicia relapsed into the Archaeological Park of the Cave Art of Campo Lameiro, an intervention of which they were authors Joses Valladares Durán, Alberto Redondo Porto and Marcial Rodríguez Rodríguez, of the study RVR Architects, of Santiago.

Archaeological Park of the Cave Art of Campo Lameiro, by RVR Arquitectos | Tono Mejuto |

The prize Elevators Enor of Castile León was for the Aulario of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Sciences of León’s University, in the Campus of Vegazana, of the architects Belén Martin Granizo and Daniel Díaz Font. The project developed for another university was the winner of the Prize Elevators Enor of Madrid, in this case the work was the building of laboratories and chemical stores of the University of Alcala of Mowing meadows of the architect Héctor Fernandez-Elorza.

Aulario of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Sciences of the University of León, by Belen Martin Granizo and Daniel Díaz Font| Daniel Díaz |
University of Alcala by Héctor Fernandez-Elorza’ | Roland Halbe |

Prize of Portugal

The Bar garden April 9 of Lisbon was the project chosen by the juror for the Prize Elevators Enor of Portugal, for ” the relation that is established across the transparency that allows the connection with the park and as watchtower on the city, constructing visions that could be established to his slant by the city and the river “, as the juror valued it for his deliberation. The author of this project is the architect Jose Maria Cumbre.

Bar jardín 9 de abril in Lisboa by ASPAS arquitects | Fernando Guerra |

After the territorial prizes, the winner of the Prize announced Elevators Enor of Young Architecture that in this V edition was for GYMNASIUM 704, in Barberà del Vallès, work of David Lorente, Josep Ricart, Xavier Ros and Roger Tudo, of the study Harquitectes. The juror valued especially, ” the rationality across an intelligent and sensitive use of the means, using with naturalness constructive systems of series which overlapping shows a freshness that can focus the problem to obtain a building with a beauty desprejuiciada and without rhetoric “.

GIMNASIO 704 by Harquitectes| Adrià Goula |

Souto de Moura

The show took place in the theatre of Novacaixagalicia’s cultural center, and in the course of the same one the names of the finalists were revealed, first and of the winners later. But before, there was a moment of special emotion, honoring to yield itself to the Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura, present forthwith, the one who had informed in the Prizes of Architecture Elevators Enor in the second and third edition, as winner and as member of the juror, respectively.

Pritzker stood out in her that after his simple appearance is imbued with intelligence, seriousness and rigor “, remembered Santorio, who likewise indicated that ” the teacher Souto Moura us bequeaths the mastery of his works, expression of his vocation, of his talent, but, especially, of his sensibility, because of it, not only we want to applaud his path, his participation in the history, but also the illusion that appears precisely of this sensibility “.

About a thousand of persons followed the show of the V edition of the Prizes of Architecture Elevators Enor in the Theatre of the Cultural Center Novacaixagalicia, of Vigo. A frame in which already the previous editions had been celebrated and which in this V there put the sonorous band the Uruguayan counter bassist Diego Zecharies.

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