System design. School of Ulm

The Foundation Barrié presents in his headquarters of Vigo Design of Systems. School of Ulm, of the Ulmer Museum–HfG-Archiv, Ulm (Germany), an exhibition organised by the Disseny Hub Barcelona (DHUB), that shows a panoramic vision of the work of the School of Ulm in the configuration of the design and the training of the designers . Curated by Neus Moyano, Javier Grandson and Gillermo Zuaznabar, the exhibition, that occupies two plants of the Foundation Barrié in Vigo, divides  in five areas (systems of furniture, systems of construction, systems of electronics, corporate identity and systems of communication) and presents the work of the School of Ulm (1953-1968), turning point and genuine beginning of the modern currents of development of the design in the industry and the training of designers of product. The sample, composed by 70 pertinent pieces of the archive of the Hochschule für Gestaltung of Ulm (Germany) and of private collections and Spanish archives, explores –from the antecedents, since the most ancient piece is a chair Thonet (1859) despiezada, until the actuality- the concept of system, expressed like group of components linked racionalmente between yes, that are able to generate an object or to contribute to his development and training.

The pieces of furniture of our houses, the cars, the signaling of a city or of an airport, the corporate image of a company, the visual communication in computing or telephony, are designed like systems. The concept of system like conductive thread of the exhibition signals the relation with the industry to do arrive the design to all the society. The systems help to order our life and have contributed of decisive way to configure the current daily reality.

In the Germany of the years 50 of the 20th century, in an environment of strong economic and financial restructuring, the School of Ulm (Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm) explained, in his elenco of professors, with figures of the size of Otl Aicher, Josef Alberts, Johannes Itten, Tomás Maldonado or Josef Müller Brockmann and worked to incorporate the design to the world of the industry and conform our material culture.This process was not promoted by the economic bonanza but, very on the contrary, by a deep crisis of values and resources. It took advantage of  the moment for repensar what means to create forms in the current world, as well as to democratise the access to the design. Ulm Did not centre  in the design of individual objects but in the systems of objects, and treated to sort out in this world, in the field of the objects and in the one of the communication. It was pioneering in the renewal of the design in the electronics, the communication and the corporate image, as well as in the construction industrialised.

The step that gave the HfG Ulm separated radical and definitively the profession of designer of the world of the art, such as it understood  until then, and integrated it of way indisoluble in the industry and the technology. Until that moment, the purpose of the schools related with the design was to teach how contribute beauty to the objects of the daily life. Ulm, by the contrary, integrates in the origin of each project the functionality and practicidad of the same.

We can define two big groups of systems. In the first place, they are the systems composed by elementary objects that constitute a unit from the simple addition. A second group form it elements that can work individually, but that by means of his union purchase new functions and properties more complex. To the first group belong so much the games of construction —with which enters  to the boys in the systematic organisation of the surroundings— like the systems of furniture or of edificación used in the architecture that base  in the addition of elements. The exercises of geometry of the HfG Ulm oriented  preferably to resolve the harmonic union and the connection of different elements, with the purpose to configure systems. The analysis of the project contemplated the economy of manufacture, the possibilities of transport or the group of people that could use it.

Design of Systems. School of Ulm

Of 7 June to 14 October 2012

Fundación Pedro Barrie de la Maza. Sede Vigo

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