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The Institute Compost Architecture (CA Institute) he will present next Tuesday at seven o’clock in the afternoon, in the assembly hall of the Architects’ College of Galicia (COAG), a conference at the expense of the Finnish architect of international reputation Juhani Pallasmaa. The conference is celebrated in the frame of the international course Compost Summer Program, which it will finish next Friday, the 5th of August. The chat that will offer this Tuesday at the expense of the Finnish architect is one of two last ones in which the Architects’ College of Galicia collaborates.

The international course Compost Summer Program, which has possessed the participation of a score of students of the whole world, it has organized from his beginning, last July 18 in St Martin Pinario, a series of seven special interventions in his program. The Finnish architect who will give this chat was a teacher of architecture in the Technological University of Helsinki and the director of the Museum of Finnish Architecture between 1978 and 1983. Nowadays there directs the study Arkkitehtitoinmisto Juhani Pallasmaa KY in Helsinki, beside exercising the teaching in the University of Illinois. His exhibitions on the Finnish architecture, the planning and the visual arts were exhibited in more than thirty countries.

Juhani Pallasmaa is a writer besides numerous articles about architecture and about other academic disciplines. His studies on theory of the architecture have remained formed of The eyes of the skin of ” The architecture and the senses ” the classic one of the theory of the architecture and that has sat chair in many of the schools of architecture of the whole world.

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