Visualization Competition with Lumion 2014

Children and young men can gain easily 30,000 $ (22,000 €) with this creative contest.

With a global phenomenon since it is that of Minecraft it is evident that the future generations love the construction and the design. This is an incredible news for the world of the architecture. Does the one who had foreseen do a little time that the children in 2014 could design his own worlds?

With the suitable software anyone can make his dreams real. Lumion allows to anyone creating impressive and professional visualizations. This competition allows to the future architects to show his talent to the world. For that you are waiting?

Take part now and a great prize of 30,000 gains $ (22,000 €)

The challenge. He imagines that your parents, architects of renown, are designing for a new client the house of his dreams.

The design is precious but the renders desmerecen. Probably the only way to obtain a good presentation is to contract a professional artist. “Probably could help you!, say you.” Ja! We you would like to see to try it, answer they. “It is more difficult than you think”.

Lucky, with Lumion this does not turn out to be complicated. You can load rapidly the design and begin to be employed at the visualization of the building.

Only it goes a few minutes to assign the materials, to add a precious garden, you present and up to insuring yourself that your favorite car is parked at the entry. The things begin to turn very well.

When you teach the video to them they cannot believe what you have done! ” This one is a brilliant video ” they say to you. The video is so impressive that immediately it is sent to his client. To a few minutes come the congratulations of the client. You have done an excellent work! “

Lumion uses to create the best video of architecture that you could. Lumion’s version for the contest includes everything what you need and even you can matter your own models. The duration of the video has to be between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. He sends your video before September 21.

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