International contest of ideas to improve access to Oviedo city through the old a-66 highway

The goal and objectives of this International Ideas Contest is to search for the best three proposals for the renewal of the urban stretch of the old A-66 highway that provides access to Oviedo (Asturias).

The terms and conditions for this invitation were generated from open and collaboration workshops with series of debates geared towards tackling the problems, necessities and criteria of intervention for the area. In any case, these indications are purposefully to assist the contestants.

The stretch of the old A-66 highway that enters Oviedo all the way from Glorieta de la Cruz Roja to Guillén Lafuerza is now an urban development obstacle that generates acoustic pollution problems and road-isolation of its surrounding neighbourhoods.

The new ideas that may be obtained from this ideas contest are to be used to eliminate such problems.

This is an urban operation of great magnitude and it shall be decisive for the health of the urban life of Oviedo city.

Who can participate in the contest?

The contest is open to students and professionals (all of whom must remain anonymous) of any of the many disciplines related to its object. It would be marvellous to receive ideas from all possible fields of knowledge.

There is no geographical or age limit.

It is important to note that this is an ideas contest and, therefore, the aim is to go beyond swelling the professional curriculum of the authors by giving prizes to the best three proposals.


Thus, the initial stage will last 45 calendar days from the day the invitation is made official, i.e., contestants can submit their proposals until 16th March.

The first process shall be concluded with the verdict of the jury who shall select the three most advantageous proposals.

The ruling of the jury will be followed by the opening of a public information process in which all residents of Oviedo can vote on the best proposal for the area in question.

Decision and ruling of jury.

The Municipal Authority of Oviedo City Council is the contest organizer. All submissions shall be evaluated by a jury of engineers already set up for that purpose.

The criteria to be taken into account for selecting the best three proposals are as follows:

1. General description of proposal

2. Mitigation strategies

3. Physical transformation strategies

4. Usage strategies

5. Proposed mobility solution

6. Complementary explanations

7. Estimated Budget of Solution


The aforementioned jury shall identify and reveal the best three proposals selected. The authors of the three proposals selected by the jury shall be offered grants of €3,000 to procure work materials to create the means of exhibiting their proposals to Oviedo residents.

Final prizes awarded by Oviedo residents shall be assigned as follows:

First Prize: €30,000-.

Second Prize: €15,000-.

Third Prize: €5,000-.

It should also be mentioned that the Jury may also award up to five consolation prizes of €1,000 each.

Note that this is an urban intervention of enormous dimensions and that, for executing the work, the estimated budget of the solution is set based on the Estimated Value of the contract at €18,180,000 (VAT excluded) in accordance with the criteria of Royal Decree Law 3/2011 on 14th November.



To ensure anonymity, submitted documents shall be identified with a pseudonym of the contestant’s choice

Each contestant shall submit a maximum of 4 DIN-A1 sized panels, a report of 40 sheets of paper maximum and a CD with the same material in PDF format. Models shall not be admitted, but their pictures may be included in the documents submitted.

In the event that the contestant is a team, rather than an individual, said team must appoint a head.

Entering the contest is free, and participation therein implies your absolute acceptance of the terms and conditions thereof.

Access to the Terms and Conditions.

All contestants are advised to use the address below for any doubts and queries:

Oviedo City Council hopes to obtain the best options for solving the problems of one of the most important points of access to the city. We must acknowledge that this transparent and participatory process will enable us to select the best three proposals that may serve as basis for the subsequent project to be executed in this urban enclave.

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