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Four volumes of similar proportions receive the whole program of the house.

In order to allow the vision of the landscape of bank that borders on the irrigation Luceiro, they go adapting and carelessly earring that presents the plot eastward.

They connect across the zones of traffic, the minor height.

End of sheet corrugada of white aluminium it finishes the volumes of the pieces vivideras.

The continuous socle of concrete on which they settle, turns into a semibasement to receive to the workshop.

In the front of the plot the garage also is constructed in concrete.

Work: House in A Igrexa

Location: A Igrexa, Covas, Ames, Galicia, Spain

Architects editors: Alfonso Salgado and Francisco Liñares

Arquitect collaborator: Carla Agra

Direction of work: Alfonso Salgado, Francisco Liñares and Carla Agra

Structure: Manuel Liñares

Facilities: Manuel Liñares e Miguel Raposo

Drawning: Carla Agra

Lighting: ToKonoma

Construction company: Constructions J.Luis Beiras S.L

Date of license: on November 13, 2009

Date of end of work: March, 2011

Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages

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