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Cafeteria in the Hall.

The School of Architecture of the University of the Biobío located in Concepcion, it was founded in the year 1969. This school is a community of approximately 500 persons and between his infrastructure it is clear with workshops of exclusive use, that they have a central space of meetings in double height known as the Hall of the Prop. This space is a witness of assemblies, holidays, exhibitions and from always it has been the heart of this school. Then in the year 2006 the building was remodelled and product of his movement the cafeteria of the hall lost his character, turned into an ambiguous space that ended for disappearing the year 2015 leaving an unoccupied place that finished for emptying the heart of the school of his activities.

At the beginning of the year 2016 there becomes urgent the need to re-formulate the space that left the cafeteria. For it an alliance of work is realized between the School of Architecture, the civil servants of the University of the BioBío (Afunab) and the students. This effort as a whole came to revitalize a space without program added to the offer of the architects of returning to him to the school that place of meeting and vital discussion inside a context of creative production.

The offer seeks to generate an element of containment for the space of the cafeteria, a configurante, which simultaneously contains the activities that happen in the Hall of the Prop. This new element separates without isolating, respecting the relation between both enclosures. With two vain ones, it distributes the accesses and thus it arranges the tours that were supporting previously the Hall as a space of traffic, returning to this one the neutrality of a place that congregates to the teachers and students of the School of Architecture UBB.

Cafetería del Hall de la Escuela de Arquitectura Universidad del BioBío República Portátil o4

A scaffolding for the recollections.

A scaffolding is first of all a structure, a modular skeleton and car soportante that has as purpose serve to the construction of another structure. The new cafeteria contemplates a scaffolding of wood which function is to take distance of the Hall of the Prop. This scaffolding shaped by a series of pigeonholes of 50x50x50 cm is a divider simultaneously that an empty body arranged to be filled with objects and productions. This place was thought from the need to generate a porous and transparent limit, a great vertical showcase that allows to make the recollections exposed and that to do. And that way to fill the hall of architecture of small significant objects that are adding in the daily one.

Three places to be.

In his interior the cafeteria assembles three manners to relate. The first one is the social table composed by two inns of camping for 20 persons, with a small cover as to share with whom it sits down to a side or opposite. The dimension of the surface of the inn is 56 cm of width and allows to reduce bows in nearby dialogs, but simultaneously it delivers the sufficient freedom as not to feel invaded by the neighbor.

The bar, it is a furniture that generates a space for the revenue from the exterior of the cafeteria. It allows his use of foot or sat in 4 high stools of 70 cm. The narrow cover allows that his users should meet to take a coffee to the step or sat, framed by the mantelpieces of the bar they enjoy a panoramic general conference towards the Hall of Architecture.

The banking fixed of 4 m of length includes the whole wall of bottom, framed by two mantelpieces offers a small inclination in his support capable of receiving the users as if it was an armchair of house. The furniture guards under the seat stools and small tables that allow a flexible and identical use the needs of the meeting. In some moments they believe circles of meeting about the banking and in others the stools are piled up to form surfaces of work, installing portable computers on them. This furniture generates one of the most dynamic spaces inside the cafeteria, allowing that so much students, teachers and public in general should accommodate to his disposition the furniture that the intervention delivers.

Work: Cafeteria of the Hall of the School of Architecture University of the BioBío
Design and Construction: República Portátil
Collaborators: Camilo Aravena, María Francisca Aruta, Gerardo Neira, German Aravena, Carlos Martín Quinteros , María Teresa Castro, Melissa Moscoso, Betzabé Morales, Mirko Smith, Ismael Sandoval, Valentina Leiva, Diego Gajardo, Heriberto Vera, Mariana Rodríguez, Gabriel burgos, Oscar Rivera and Francisco Marín.
Location: Escuela de Arquitectura Universidad del BioBío, Concepción, Chile
Area: 120 m2
Materials: Pine Radiata MSD, completion on the basis of OSMO colorless Polix-Oil and OSMO Wood Protector.
Register in area: Franco Van der Mollen
Photography: Gino Zavala Bianchi

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