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The Wall of Lugo, raised between ends of the 3rd century and beginning of the 4th century d. C, it is the only Roman complete fortification in all his tracing that remains in the world and for it, one of the most important monuments of the Iberian peninsula. In November, 2000 Heritage of the Humanity was declared by the UNESCO.

An elevator is projected to raise the adarve of the Roman Wall in order to improve the accessibility to the monument bearing in mind the protection of the cultural values of the Wall and those of the Historical Set of the Enclosure within the walls of the city.

The place chosen for his location, inside the walled enclosure and opposite to the entry of the gardens of the Deputation, demonstrates to be most adapted to minimize the impact of the new element on the monument, so much for the minor height of the wall in this section as for the immediate presence of woodland of great freightage.

As for the used materials, the resultant box and the gangplank of connection with the adarve they are solved by structure of steel. The vertical body re-dresses externally with rastreles of wood of iroko. In the stops the rastreles separate forming a lattice that allows a fleeting vision of the exterior.

With the passage of time, it hopes that the wood acquires a greyish coloration that adecue with naturalness both to the woodland of the garden of the Deputation and to the historical masonry of the wall and his patina lives.

Work: Construction of an elevator to accede to the adarve of the Roman wall of Lugo
Location: Carril dos Romanos S/N, Ayuntamiento de Lugo, Galicia, Spain
Author: Pernas Varela arquitectos (Antonio Pernas Varela)
Collaborators Project phase: Ramón Varela Barreras, Carlos Vázquez Castro (architects)
Collaborators Phase of work: Ramón Varela Barreras (architects), Servizo de Arquitectura e Etnografía. Subdirección Xeral de Conservación e Restauración de Bens Culturais. Xunta de Galicia.
Promoter: Xunta de Galicia, Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria
Construction company: Desarrolla obras y servicios SL
Technical architect: Mónica Salgado Sueiro
Budget of material execution: 76.153,93 €
Surface construidal: 11,65 m2 [ascensor 6m2 + pasarela 5.65m2]
Photography: Antonio VázquezHéctor Santos-Díez | BISimages
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