Arquia/Scholarships. Announcement 2012

The Caja de Arquitectos Foundation, attending to the formative value that suppose the practical knowledge of the profession and the geographic mobility, summons 20 scholarships for students of Architecture and young architects allocated to the realisation of professional practices in European studies of Architecture.

They exist two modalities of participation: academic file and contest. It can opt for participating in one of them or in both simultaneously. They summon  10 scholarships for each modality. To ensure a suitable geographic distribution of the scholarships, this  ponderará proportionally to the number of valid registrations received by centre and modality. They will be able to participate the students that have surpassed, in some Spanish School of Architecture, like minimum, 60% of the necessary credits to obtain the title of architect, and are enrolled in the course 2011/2012; and the architects that have obtained the title of architect in some Spanish School of Architecture, after 30 April 2011.

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