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With more than 20 years of professional path, the French architects Anne Lacaton y Jean-Philippe Vassal, to whom already we dedicate a number of our magazine 2G in the year 2001, continue practising an approximation to the coherent and personal architecture defended along his already extensive career. It is a question of a position removed from the originality formal and based in an ethical exposition that it defends the essence of the social responsibility of the architect.

Lacaton & Vassal have constructed an own speech, which encloses the complexity of the contemporary reality under an apparent simplicity. The topics in that they are interested, few ones and very select, constitute in yes same a will to overcome the paradigms established by the market. These strategies that shape his work might be summarized in the creation of space extra supplementary by means of an intelligent use of the budget (the economy like tool of the project) to promote the freedom of use on the part of the users, to provide with flexibility to the buildings, the creation of climatic environments controlled by means of technology and simple materials and the will to affect in the urban planning of the cities across the architectural project.

All these topics, presents from the beginning of his career in all his projects be which is the program or the scale, they develop of exhaustive and persevering form in the projects that we sense beforehand in this number of our magazine 2G.

Between them it is necessary to emphasize the recently finished projects, since they are the transformation of the tower of Bois-le-Prêtre’s housings in Paris – example constructed of his investigation on how acting in the obsolete buildings of housings of the decades of 1960 and 1970 in France (investigation that we gathered in the book Bonus. The collective housing. Territory of exception)-, two projects of housing plurifamiliar constructed in Saint-Nazaire or the School of Architecture of Nantes.

Let’s sense beforehand also in this volume projects to the scale of the city since they are an urban plan for Dublin, the offer for her Freightage of the Chapelle in Paris and the ecological neighborhood The Vecquerie in Saint-Nazaire. Other representative projects of his recent path are the offer for the Laboratories Holcim (Holderbank, Switzerland), the warehouse of works of art for the Fundação Serralves (Matosinhos, Portugal) or the eidifio for the regional Fond D’Art Contemporain Nord-Pas of Calais in Dunkerke, whose this ending foreseen for the year 2013.

Iñaki Abalos and Karine Dana’s introductory texts offers us paths personal and new perspectives on the work of this French study. Finally, Anne Lacton y Jean-Philippe’s text Vassal in the nexus, allows to deal on unequivocal form which are his conceptual bases for the development of his labor as architects.

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