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The chair of wire consists of 30,8 meters of wire, 308 welds, 286 holes and four legs: a technical promising description, which he speaks to us about lightness. The fact that the way of covering it with two leather triangles calls habitually bikini or one of his bases is known as Eiffel Tower has just placed us in the world of the Eames.

His investigations with the materials, of great intensity (laminated wood, fiber of glass, aluminium, in some side Ray tells that in the study they were designing up to the machinery to construct his furniture), always finish in objects easy to use, abundances of life, which they speak to us about planes and beaches, children’s games and tables of surf, threads of colors and African masks.

Since in a good trick of magic, everything seems to be done without effort. Alyssum and Peter Smithson us remember that these chairs are the first ones that, in an empty room, can be in any position, as if they had settled there; they belong to the occupants, not to the building.

The Eames lived in California, land of the Mac and of David Carson, and they make us think about a paradigm about that the technical excellence takes to itself well with the Sun and with the sea, with the extent, with the desires of living.

José Villacé

vigo. may 2012


[1] Image Einige Entwicklungsmodelle für die Schale des Wire Chair, 1951 [source: ottowagner.com]

Arquitecto por la ETSAM (Madrid) y con estudio profesional en Vigo, con Martín de Cominges (VILLACÉ Y COMINGES). Diversos premios a obras construidas (Premio COAG, Premios Grande Area, finalista Premios Enor…) así como en concursos de proyectos.

Numerosas publicaciones tanto de obra construida como críticas de arquitectura (Obradoiro 33 y 34, WAM, Poética de la casa, Arquitectura y madera, Diseño Interior, etc). En relación con la industria de la moda, trabajos con Roberto Verino (diseño de concepto y construcción de más de 30 tiendas a nivel nacional e internacional, sede de RV) y tienda para Amanda Wakeley en Mayfair, Londres.

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