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Let’s suppose that you have seen a text on line, and you liked the source. How identifying her?

What The Font is a web application any route in phase of thread that in spite of only raising the image of a source or to specify an URL of a typography us will give the name of the same one.

The equipment of MyFonts has developed this free tool of recognition of sources that nevertheless we must not think that it is infallible.

Once loaded the image or indicated the web direction we must confirm the characters automatically recognized finally to obtain a list with the possible names of the analyzed typography.


What The Font is not a perfect system, and in several situations the user will have to conform to the most similar source. Another disadvantage is that a free version does not exist and / or frees of the source. For What The’s better use Font we must try to follow certain advices, this way the characters which name we should want to know must not touch and to be as clear as possible, the text must be in horizontal position or the height of the letters must be 100 pixels.

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