What is the urbanism feminist? By Col·lectiu Punt 6

Incorporating in the planning and the urban design the needs and experiences of all the persons, visibilizando the daily life of the women (from his different realities) that traditionally has not been born in mind.

– Script: Col·lectiu Punt 6.

– Audio-visual accomplishment: Carme Gomila by Cooperativa de Tècniques.

– Film crew: Carme Gomila and Susanna González.

– Assembly and composition: Carme Gomila – Graphical synthesis, drawing and animation: Tonina Matamalas.

– Finance: Project of Education for the development 2015, financed for Direcció de Justícia Global i Cooperació Internacional of Ajuntament de Barcelona.

– With the support of: Centro de Cooperació al desenvolupament of the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya.

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