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The housing is very determined so much by the functional demands of the members of the family that will reside in the housing, in which one of the members moves habitually in wheelchair, since for the topography of the plot, with a strong difference and an important difference of level between this one and the thoroughfare to the one that gives forehead.

Depending on determining these, the housing has been projected developing all his principal stays in the only level, below the low one of the access from the thoroughfare. One raises that the low one of the street turns into a plant of service of the housing, placing the parking and a zone of storage, close to the “portal” of access to the low plant where there develops the whole rest of the program of the housing.

This access takes place to cutlery by means of stairs and elevator or to the overdraft by means of a ramp that it lands in a secondary entry, already in ground floor, across the court that will turn into the light source and ventilation of the area of access to the bedrooms of the housing. This space oversized as corridor, turns into zone of work – estancia-gimnasio for the work of rehabilitation of one of the members of the family.

The housing is completed by the spaces of being, cooking and sleeping in the interior, as a set of exterior spaces linked to the housing and that are adapting to the strong topography of the plot. A last space develops in the zone under cover on the garage that shelters a small office of work, opened for the surrounding sights.

At call of the clients, the housing was concebida following criteria of bioconstrucción in order to obtain a “safe house”, in that to have an ideal quality of the interior air and to avoid the exhibition to radiations, so many ionizantes (radón) as not ionizantes (electricity).

For it there were realized a series of constructive actions that are synthesized later:

– Previous study of the lot, including measurement of electromagnetic artificial pollution of the environment, radioactive pollution of the area (radón), as well as owed to lines associated with the magnetic terrestrial field (Hartmann, Curry).

‐ Evaluation of the risk of exhibition to the gas radon, executing a sheet continues anti radon that isolated the housing of the area, and a system of natural extraction of the air accumulated in the wrought sanitary one.

‐ Sstructures with walls of load of factory of termoarcilla and girders and pontoons of wood laminated of fir.

‐ Exterior closings formed by double factory of termoarcilla seizure with insulating mortar; thermal isolation of panels of pure agglomerate of cork, I revoke exterior of mortar of hydraulic natural lime and interior of mortar of mud, with finished exterior and interior of silicate.

‐ Interior divisions of factory of termoarcilla seizure with mortar of mud, and I revoke of the same material ended in silicate.

‐ Cover formed by a package constituted by table of fir, insulating panel of pure agglomerate of cork, insulating panel of fibers of wood, waterproofing sheet transpirable, double rastrel, board MDF and plates of zinc.

‐ Coating of humid zones (bathrooms) with mortar of hydraulic natural lime, ended in oil and wax natives.

‐ Interior carpentry of board MDF with very under content in formaldehyde.

‐ Ended of the structural elements of wood, exterior and interior carpentry with vegetable Lasures constituted by oils, resins and natural waxes.

‐ Ended of pavement of dais of wood in free glaze of solvents (EC 1).

‐ Electrical installation designed to reduce the exhibition to the electromagnetic pollution: solid principal equipotencialidad and capture of land (˂15 Ohm), disposition in star of the wired up one, rigorous planning of the disposition of the cables and location of the bases of the plugs, installation of desconectores in stays of rest, utilization of plugs and circuits desconectables, disposition of the zones to be and I rest in free spaces of fields and wired up free of halogens.

‐ Installation of ventilation forced with pipes of steel galvanized that cross the whole housing, with heat interchanger.

‐ Boiler of biomass for the production of warm water and heating for radiant soil.

Work: House in Casas Novas
Year: March, 2014 – June, 2016
Author: Carbajo Barrios Arquitectos (Manuel Carbajo Capeáns, Celso Barrios Ceide)
Location: Casas Novas, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña. Galicia, Spain
Quantity surveyor: Gonzalo Otero Rodríguez
Engineer: Obradoiro Enxeñeiros. Carmelo Freire Beiro.
Collaborators: Luis Fole Barrio. structural design, Javier Diez Llamas. Construction management, David Camiño. Laura Pardo. Delineation .
Promoter: Otero Ferrer Family
Photography: Roi Alonso
Building company: Construcciones Arean

Finalist Category Housing XVII Premios COAG

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