Smartify is an app that it is born with the aim to link the art to visitors and museums of the whole world, offering the possibility of knowing information on the work as author, dimensions, related videoes, definitively to know his history, as make clear his creators, Thanos Kokkiniotis, Anna Lowe, Ron Vrijmoet and Nick Mueller.

The functioning of the app resides in the algorithm entrusted to register every picture, card or comes out in photographs where a work of art appears; since the application is capable of recognizing the work so much in physical as on-line supports.

Smartify takes a sample of the work in question and he her sends to the servants who process the image and decide about what object or painting it treats itself.”

Other one of the particularities of this app is that the increased reality uses and a process of machine learning, that is to say, the identification is not realized searching in a database, but comparing between all the existing information and determining the best result.

To integrate the miles of works of the principal museums of the world in the app, the creators of Smartify have possessed the help of specialists and partners of the Louvre, the British Museum or the MOMA of New York. The list of entities collaborators of the application has been increasing and already with museums as the Laguna Art Museum of California, the Cartoon Museum of London and two fairs of art (Sluice and Accessible Art Fair).

“Once detected the work the system offers related information to the user, including critiques and comments, history, videoes or biographical information about the author. “

Smartify already it can disburden from Google Play and the App Store.

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