SICO 2010

The International Building Galicia, SICO, to be held in Vigo from 18 to 21 March 2010, is presented as the lever for braking face up to living the sector for two years. The event, which will serve as a starting point for the recovery of the construction industry, this year bet on innovation, rehabilitation and sustainability as key concepts to emerge from the crisis. For four days, Vigo will become the national benchmark for employers, associations and institutions involved in the construction sector, which in Galicia accounts for about 13% of GDP and over 11% of salaried employment. In the third edition of SICO will bring together nearly 200 exhibitors representing more than 1,000 national and international firms, in an area of 20,000 square meters. The contest, sponsored by the Association of Real Estate Developers Provincial de Pontevedra (Aproin), is co-organized by companies and Proceltha Planner & Show, and is sponsored by various associations and institutions. In the words of Ruben Lopez, president of Planner & Proceltha, “SICO is for us and our partner Show me a major trade fair calendar events Galician” and adds that “despite the current crisis scenario it is necessary that this room, whose themes will be sustainability and the environment, it becomes a starting point to revive one of the strategic sectors of the Galician economy, and thus innovation and sustainable architecture will be the new axes that marked trend in the construction sector.

The lounge will have the cooperation of the Xunta de Galicia, Ayuntamiento de Vigo, professional associations, business associations, agencies and institutions like the Chamber of Commerce of Vigo, the Galician Confederation of Employers (CEG) and Pontevedra (CEP), the Galician Institute for Occupational Safety and Saúde (ISSGA), among others. SICO has consolidated its position as the leading house of Galicia in its field and is among the most important fairs in Spain. The organization provides assistance to more than 5,000 professionals and 25,000 people. Architects, surveyors, decorators, builders, developers and other professionals will have the opportunity to learn the latest computer and home automation applications for construction, machinery and equipment, enclosures, thermal and acoustic insulation materials, lifting and transport systems , among others. Following the launch of the Technical Building Code (CTE) have changed much of the constructive systems of our country to improve the quality of life in households and technological innovations have been introduced, especially regarding alternative energy use to contribute to environmental friendliness and sustainability. Thus, this edition will feature SICO concepts such as rehabilitation, energy conservation and new technologies relating to the home.

Reflection Platform
Besides being the major showcase for the construction of Galicia, with the introduction of numerous innovations and products, SICO will also be a major focus for debate and reflection on various issues affecting the housing sector and national construction. So there will be a program of technical seminars for professionals to further issues such as new regulations on noise contained in the Technical Building Code, the planning legislation or new technologies. During the fair, Aproin organized the first International Congress for Housing and the region of Galicia border with Portugal in which topics such as new housing, free and secure, rehabilitation, with special attention to energy conservation and sustainability, property, hiring, promotion and management of cooperatives and finance, among other issues. In addition, the Provincial Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Pontevedra (APEC) and corporate exhibitors at the event organized conferences and technical seminars in the course of the room. According to the president of the Federation of Property Developers in Galicia (Feproga), Javier Garrido Valenzuela, “Construction is one of the most prominent of Galicia in terms of employment and GDP contribution. The celebration of living and technical seminars will reflect, enhance and value the importance of the industry in the Galician economy.

The representative of the Galician promoters upward portends a sector recovery beginning in the second quarter, linked directly to changing economic conditions. “It is essential to reactivate as soon as possible stabilized housing demand, ie the sum of the housing and replacement of emancipation is put into the market annually. Currently, demand is 1,000 buildings per 100,000 inhabitants, in the case of Galicia would mean a total of 20,000 homes. “Javier Garrido believes that overcoming the crisis of trust between consumers, afraid to invest in the purchase of property,” we need the collaboration and involvement of different government and the financial sector to revive sales as soon as possible. “


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