Rehabilitation of one-family housing in Pontedeume’s Historical Hull | Jorge Salgado Cortizas

The importance that the sea can manage to have in a company, marking deeply the mentality of his peoples, his forms of life and his deep-rooted traditions, demonstrates in this small “oar” house, placed in Pontedeume’s Historical Hull.

Rehabilitación de vivienda unifamiliar en el Casco Histórico de Pontedeume Jorge Salgado Cortizas o29 Into1

The economic precariousness that suffered the majority of the seaworthy Galician company had his logical repercussion and manifestation in the characteristics of his housings, by means of the utilization of an architecture of minim it climbs, subordinated in the majority of the occasions to a small lot that gave like proved narrow fronts and scanty heights between plants.

In the plot where the project was realized it existed one of these housings, which was the result of successive extensions and transformations, the last one consisted of replacing during a weekend the cover, was done without technical personnel, he does not even license, between a group of neighbors, since habitual age.

The location of the house, in the highest part of the Plaza of the Count, they turn her into an excellent viewing-point on the scene that shapes the own square; with the building of the market, and the tower of the honoring belonging to the missing palace of the counts of Andrade. In the distance, it is spied Seize Raspberries and the estuary of the Eume.

This peculiarity of the house, it is going to be the idea that sustains the project, “a viewing-point on an ideal space”. For it the housing is organized upside-down of the habitual thing, the zones by day place in the last two plants, and the bedroom in the first one. The ground floor uses as entry and vestibule to the housing.

The first determining ones of the project, were coming imposed by municipal obsolete regulations and more or less conservationist criteria of the Organism of Heritage, which at first seemed to be unacceptable and absurd. We begin the project ignoring uo to a point these impositions, attending to the constructive tradition, to his environment, and to the confidence deposited on the part of the owner in our work.

Before the evil been of conservation of the studdings of wood, we raise the need to realize an emptying of the whole building, respecting the structure of the primitive walls of load, as elements that we consider to be basic inside the powerful medieval plot of the Historical Hull.

Meanwhile, in the workshop the new girders of wood were waiting for his putting in work and they receive the suitable hands of protection, to avoid futures attack for fungi or insects.

In the first meeting the criteria are fixed to continuing in the whole work, one speaks about construction, the bricklayers are the managers of suplementar the former walls of load with blocks of thermos – clay up to coming to the precise level, and later the carpenters will realize the horizontal structure with a studding of girders and straps of wood of cedar, which during the work will be used of scaffolding by the operatives. We decide to begin the house for the roof, to protect from the rain the walls of load and the different still hanging phases on work of being executed.

The whole process is realized without hurries, guaranteeing the safety of the operatives and taking special care in the supports of the girders and straps in the walls of load.

Former, when it was necessary that the closing was light, one was in the habit of using a structure of barrotillos that later was revoked by a bastard mortar, nowadays there exist systems more own of the civil work that of the building, which they allow to solve in a very similar way a closing of these characteristics. In this case instead of the barrotillo, a mesh used of “metal deployed”, that fixed to the vertical structure of wood of the front, used as support to realize a membrane of mortar of lime and cement armed, very light and economic. This closing was completed by a thermal – acoustic isolation of rock wool and an interior trasdosado of plates of plaster. To prevent any movement of the structure from affecting these revocos, a meeting was left between the plaster and the studding of wood. All the exterior revocos carried out with a bastard mortar of lime, to which finally a painting was applied to him superficially by brush to the silicate.

As soon as the carpenters place the counter plated phenolic boards on the structure, other operatives realize the dry crossbeam that is going to use as support to the hard pavement of the bath, and the spaces of service. This crossbeam consists of a plate of polystyrene extrusionado of 30 mm. And three caps of plaster of 13 mm. Each one. In the rest of the housing, the dry crossbeam is replaced with a floating dais Junckers of oak of 22 mm. Placed on a few plates of cork of 4 cms.

The interior tabiquería and the trasdosados of the walls of load, carries out with plates of plaster, screwed to a profile structure of steel galvanized. This system allows to locate in his interior facilities of electricity and plumbing. To improve the acoustic and thermal comfort of these closings an isolation of rock wool joins to the set.

The exterior carpentry as the structure is executed by wood of cedar and the same treatment is applied to him. The structure of wood of the front, it works as fixed part and jamb of the windows that enrasan with the closing, as the next traditional buildings, which were not necessary architect. In cover there arranges a lucernario that introduces the light in the housing, and helps to illuminate the space of the stairs.

Work: Rehabilitation of one-family housing in Pontedeume’s Historical Hull
Location: Pontedeume, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain
Author: Jorge Salgado Cortizas
Collaborators: Patricia Otero Mariño
Another collaborators: Juan Carracedo, contractor / Francisco Esmoris, Chief of work / Antonio Bermúdez, manager / Eduardo Castro y Jesús Gerpe, bricklayers / António Bello, blacksmith / Miguél Garrido, carpenter / Luis Collazo, electrician / Manuel Fraga, plumber.
Year: 2016
Photography: Ana Amado | Jorge Salgado Cortizas

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