Mobitecture. Architecture on the Move

Movitectura. Arquitectura móvil Mobitecture

Mobile architecture in his wonderful variety, a vivacious collection of mobile and portable structures.

Mobitecture: mobile Architecture is the only compendium that produces tax to the mobile architecture in all his forms. This publication, a visual ode to the life in movement, exhaustive both in variety and in extent, explores mobile structures that go from the extravagant thing to the sensible thing and from the rustic thing to the luxurious thing. Including architectural designs that roll, they are unfolded, jump, slip on bobsled and float on the water, Mobitecture unites a spectacular collection of structures in which we can take delight, to live, to work or to do a pause. With more than 250 images and an intelligent and captivating design, they all will like this compact book those that they estimate the power of a good design.

Mobitecture does not limit himself to tipologías iconic typology as the shops of campaign and the caravans, but there offers an enormous variety of mobile structures designed for deserts, oceans, beaches, mountains and cities, which emphasizes an union between art and mobility. Catching the spirit of the invention and the naiveté, every ‘Mobitecture‘ supposes a latent promise of freedom with regard to the routines and daily obligations. As the everlasting attraction of the autocaravans demonstrates retro, the caravans Airstream, the international fever of the ‘glamping’, etc., the lasting captivation of the mobile architecture is global and it showed several decades ago.

Whereas certain projects resort to the freedom to experiment with materials, sizes, colors and concepts of design, others throw light of a more emotive way on the importance of the design of mobile structures. Mobitecture includes designs that help the refugees who flee of the zones of conflict, which expect for the economic emigrants to work a better life in another place, to the environmental migration due to natural reasons and to them without home. From Winfried Baumann’s Portable Housing Space up to the Origami Paper Global House de Architecture Aid and the Tent 2 of Angela Luna, the ‘Mobitecture‘ can offer functional answers and salvadoras to the urgent needs of refuge. The award Beazley Design of the Year of this year, associated with the Museum of the Design of London, put emphasis in the increasing need of mobile structures after awarding the first prize to the Foundation Ikea and to the Agency of the UNO for the Refugees for his compact housing.

Organized in eight chapters – Human being, Without wheels, one and two wheels, Three wheels, Four wheels, Five or + wheels, Bobsleds and Water – according to the basic way of mobility of the project, Mobitecture can be read as a collection of practical singular studies or through. Every project includes details on the name of the structure, the architect, designer, artist or manufacturer, the native land and his date of ending. Likewise, together with every ‘mobitecture’ we can find more information in the shape of symbols, and in her there is specified the number of persons that it can shelter the project, the way of mobility and the palette of principal materials with which the structure was constructed. Initially of the book it is included also useful ‘Key for the icons of mobility’.

Following the steps of the best-seller Nanotecture, also of Rebecca Roke, Movitectura includes a surprising and inspiring variety of forms, materials, colors, sizes and locations. With a touch of extravagancy, this exquisite book is a captivating visual reference to architects, designers and all those who enjoy living and travelling with style.

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