The best books of photography of the year


The catalogue of the Exhibition of the Project FAME in the Museum ICO (PHE 2014) is included in the qualified exhibition “The best books of photography of the year” in the National Library of Spain. The sample assembles a selection of national and international books specialized in photography and edited in the last year.

The exposed publications have been chosen between all the received ones in the summons to the Prize to the best book of photography PHE15 that PHotoEspaña grants every year in four categories: national, international, out-standing publishing house and better autopublished book.

With this sample a general panorama offers on the last trends in the field of the edition of books of photography, and centres on the attention on different aspects, such of the final result as the sequence of images, the graphical design, the format or the chosen material. A sum of variables that, in his set, they convert to the book into one more work of the artist, and they devote knowing each other this way from historical photographers, to artistic contemporary offers.

From June 11 to August 30, 2015
From Tuesday until Saturday from 10 to 20 h.
On Sundays and festive from 10 to 14 h. Last pass happens hour before the closing.
Museo BNE, Sala de las Guillotinas
More information:
Biblioteca Nacional de España
Catálogo FAME

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