Laboratorio Narni · progettare il paesaggio storico urbano

The cultural identity and the material goods of our historical cities are fundamental elements for a future shared and sustainable of the Old Continent: project the conservation, the transformation, the recycling, directing the politics to the active participation in the dynamics of the contemporary life, is the challenge that have in front for the next years. Of a special way the historical centres of small and average dimensions have an enormous potential that is subestimado in the actuality. Only the project understood like strategic vision of wide spectrum can orient, in the present, the future of the city of the past.

aims and subjects

The workshop has the aim to deepen in the relation between the theory and the practice of the architectural project for the urban historical landscape. The subjects have been selected so that, taking like example the city of Narni, with his urban history, his high environmental value and paisajístico and the modern activity of industrial city, pose  notable questions that could generalise  in the debate interdisciplinar. The International Laboratory is closely connected to the activity of the Máster PARES.


The workshop develops  in Narni (TR). It articulates  with the training of distinct teams of projects that will work on the subjects proposed favouring a debate interdisciplinar on the same. The groups of work coordinated by the educational team will be oriented to a maximum opening and collaboration between the participants. The last day will be devoted to the exhibition of the works and to the delivery of prizes with a back final celebration. They will participate educational, architects, personnel of the public administration, experts in the sector of the project of conservation and transformation of the historical city, Italians and foreigners. They are planned interventions, meetings and conferences on the subjects related with the projects to develop.

like participating

The workshop is allocated to professional youngsters architects or engineers and to the students of the last courses of said schools, interested in the subjects of the project in the existent city. At the end it will deliver  a certificate of participation, the students will obtain university credits. It is possible to inscribe to the seminar with or without accommodation, the accommodation this foreseen in the historical centre of Narni. The activities will develop  in the Centre of University Studies of Narni with spaces devoted for the diverse groups of work and the conferences in the most significant places of the city.


The application of registration headed to the ASSOCIAZIONE CITTÀ GAVE NARNI PER THE FORMAZIONE SUPERIORE, GLI STUDI UNIVERSITARI And THE RICERCA has to send  before the 10 of Julio 2013 to the following email addresses:; It has to state the form of registration properly completed together with the receipt to having credited the corresponding quota to the registration. Has to attach  a curriculum vitae with images, academic title and certificate of notes, for the students certified of notes of the matters approved. In case that the number of applications surpass the availability of places will proceed  to a selection.

Quota of registration:
Before 28 June
with accommodation 280 euros
without accommodation 130 euros

After 28 June
with accommodation 350 euros
without accommodation 200 euros

initiative of:
Master P.To.R.And.S. – Dipartimento Gave Architettura i Progetto – Sapienza Università di Rome

with the participation of:
Dottorato di Ricerca in Architettura e Costruzione – Dipartimento di Architettura e Progetto – Sapienza Università di Roma
Centro Reatino di Ricerche di Ingegneria per la Tutela e la Valorizzazione dell’Ambiente e del Territorio -CRITEVAT
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de La Coruña
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla
Facultad de Arquitectura – Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Facultade de Arquitectura – Universitade Tecnica de Lisboa

scientific committee:
Fernando Agrasar Quiroga, Monica Bertolino, Alessandra Capuano, Carlo Cecere, Jorge Cruz Pinto, Edoardo Currà, Maria Piera Sette, Giuseppe Strappa, Antonio Tejedor, Fabrizio Toppetti.

Direction: Fabrizio Toppetti (coordinator), Jorge Cruz Paint, Edoardo Currà, Giuseppe Strappa.
Organisation: Cecilia Battistini, Simona Buscella, Davide Luca.
Information: ; – Cecilia Battistini +39 340 4019860 – Ana Jiménez +34 610789072 – Ana Cape +34 629464865

veredes Administrator

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