This tool includes the unification in an alone platform of the general programs officials used up to the date for the evaluation of the energetic demand and of the energetic consumption (LIDER-CALENER), as well as the adjustment of these applications to the changes introduced by the DB-HE of the year 2013.

This IT tool allows the check of the requirements 2.2.1 of the section HE0, and point 2 of the paragraph of the section HE1 of the Basic Document of Saving of Energy DB-HE. The exigency established for buildings of new construction of use different to the residential one deprived in the paragraph 2.2.2 of the section HE0 must happen, as there establishes the DB-HE, according to the basic procedure for the energetic certification of buildings. Other requirements of the sections HE0 and HE1 that ensue from application must happen for other means.

Temporarily and until they adapt the recognized documents of the energetic certification, the results that are obtained by this application cannot use to carry out the energetic certification of buildings.

Installation of the unified tool LIDER-CALENER and his complements:

· Proceed to the desinstalación of the previous versions of the unified tool LIDER-CALENER and the application of the climatic information génericos that could exist in the equipment;

· Comes out and to install the unified tool LIDER-CALENER version 0.9.958.791 (date of update on May 12, 2014). The installer includes the climatic generic information in version 1.1, of date May 8, 2014 and the Manual of the tool.

It can send his comments in relation with the application of the unified tool LIDER-CALENER to the direction ciudadano@idae.es

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