FicArq. International festival of Cinema and Architecture of Native of Avila 2014

The International Festival of Cinema and Architecture of Native of Avila (FicArq) will celebrate his second edition between July 15 and 19. The emblematic Cultural International Center Óscar Niemeyer of the Asturian city to receive á most of the programming, which produces honoring to the social, vital or economic transformations stimulated from the architecture, the urbanism and, certainly, the cinema. Brazil, the whole example of transformation, will be the invited country. The FicArq’s first activity 2014 already is in march: a new summons of the contest of microfilms City in movement.

The edition II of the International Festival of Cinema and Architecture of Native of Avila (FicArq) tries to be a celebration of the power of the transformation. As explain his organizers, both the architecture and the cinema, both axes of the festival, have been along the history tools capable of fomenting big and small social, vital, economic, environmental transformations … and already it was time of that tax was yielding itself to his potential. Under this premise, FicArq 2014 last already the programming of this appointment that Native of Avila of culture will fill between 15 and on July 19. Brazil, which transformation is surprising to the world in all the levels, will be the country nvitado in this edition.

The Cultural International Center Óscar Niemeyer and the Theatre Palace Valdés, two headquarters of the festival, will receive his different sections dedicated to the full-lenght film and shorts, besides parallel activities as the meetings with architects and urbanistas of reference.

Contest microfilms FicArq 2014 has a space reserved emphasized to support new creators across his contest of ‘microfilms’ The City in Movement. The contest organized in collaboration with Yahoo! Spain and his platform Flickr, it will reward the the best ‘ minimal movies ‘ that have to the city and that in her it happens as protagonists. It is enough to have more than 18 years and an idea that to show in a movie of between 60 and 120 seconds. Not even one more. The aspirants can present his works until the next June 10 in the mail address The public, with his votes across Internet, and the Scientific Committee of the Festival they will decide the one who takes to himself the prizes endowed with 1.000, 750 and 500 Euros.

Other one of the classic ones of ‘Ficarq’ that already programming has is the parallel activity dedicated to the smallest, ‘Arquipeques’, an activity pawned in bringing the architecture over to girls and children. This year, the project, which the festival organizes with the Lay person’s support, has proposed the whole challenge itself: that the lads participants reproduce emblematic architectures of the whole world, of the Coliseum of Rome to Eiffel’s tower, and from them imagine his own project of city. Arquipeques will be celebrated on the 16th, July 17 and 18 between 20,30 after 18 hours. The term of inscription already it is opened in the web of the festival ( and the squares, limited they will be given by rigorous order of inscription.

International festival of Cinema and Architecture of Native of Avila 2014
From July 15 to July 19, 2014
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