Energy efficiency of the surrounding one of the buildings: his definition and calculation

Energy efficiency of the surrounding one of the buildings: his definition and calculation

A high degree of raising awareness exists at present in the citizens on the need of the energetic saving, for his meaning in the preservation of the environment, and for the economic saving that he supposes due to the high prices of the energy, that nowadays they exist.

In this book the reader will find of an attainable and simple form, the physical foundations and the calculation of the energy efficiency of the buildings, of agreement with the established in current regulation of the Technical Code called of the Building.

The students and the professionals of the architecture and the engineering, dedicated to the processes of the building, will find in this work, a systematic guide with the opportune examples and analysis of the solutions of the process of calculation of the earnings and energetic losses of the surrounding one of the buildings.

María del Carmen Giménez Molina

Architect for the University of Granada (2004). Doctor arquitecta with European mention for the Technical University of Madrid (2011), with the qualification of distinction. Co obtained the prize to the best doctoral thesis 2011 in the area of the Industrial and Intellectual Property in the Management of the I+D+i, granted by the chair UPM-Clarke, Modet for the qualified thesis ” Alternatives for the improvement of the energy efficiency of the acristalamientos: the dynamic glasses “. Associate teacher of the department of Physics and Facilities of the ETSAM of the Technical University of Madrid, where the subject of degree gives Project and Execution of Facilities of fifth course, as well as the university máster in Construction and Architectural Technology of the ETSAM.

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