How to design a chair [Colección Design Museum]

” When we design a chair we are designing a company and a city in miniature “, there wrote the British architect Peter Smithson. The chair is one of the most anthropomorphous furniture that exist: it has legs, arms and back and, in occasions, elbows, knees, feet and headboard. To design a chair implies thinking about his use, about the type of life of the inhabitants of a company: a straight chair is thought to be used by a table of dining room, a chair of office must allow the comfortable movement of the body during long hours of use, a chair thought to relax is in the habit of being generally reclinable, allowing that the weight should tilt from the seat to the support … How to design a chair approaches the details that it is necessary to know on the beginning and processes that follow at the moment of designing a chair; from his functional and symbolic properties up to the materials and the technologies of production in series that can be used. The book includes an interview with Konstantin Grcic, one of the designers of furniture more acquaintances of the world, where it explains to us the process of design and development of his famous chair Myto, and it us reveals what needs to create a design of success. All this accompanied by a selection commented of some Konstantin Grcic’s distinctive works, besides a small and useful glossary.

The Design Museum of London is one of the principal museums dedicated to the contemporary design in all his forms of expression, of the furniture to the graphical design and from the architecture to the industrial design. With his efforts for celebrating and to spread the culture of the design, the activity of the museum places to the design in the center of the cultural contemporary scene, demonstrating his importance and his rich creativity.

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