I Congress ibero-Latin American wooden in the construction. Coimbra-Portugal 7 to 9 June of 2010
This congress is the first one of what is expected constitutes a regular forum to share experiences and knowledge between countries of the área.Se will carry out in the building of the Department Civil Engineering of the University of Coimbra.

The congress is organized around the following subject fields:
T01 – Analysis and design
T02 – Essays and experimental methods
T03 – Inspection and rehabilitation
T04 – Composite materials
T05 – Wood properties and of by-products
T06 – glued Laminated wood
T07 – historic and traditional Constructions
T08 – Boards and panels
T09 – Durability and protection
T10 – Resistencia and reaction a the fire
T11 – Unions
T12 – Productions and Architecture
T13 – constructive Systems
T14 – New tendencies in the construction with wood
T15 – Market, environment and competitiveness
T16 – Education and education


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