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…constructing in boxes of stone…

A house burns and only there stay the recollections and a box of walls stone how to provide it with a new identity, how to do that the original house of a family of 11 brothers, now his second residence, turns to be his place of meeting to construct new recollections?


The challenge is in constructing a refuge with different atmospheres and exploiting all the possibilities of this empty box. The program is simple: to provide it with the major number of possible rooms and with the major space count of stay for the persons’ use and families with different habits. From here only premise an exact budget and the sensibility of all of us.

We think that the house I classified his light and his atmospheres, a quiet and intimate refuge in plant I access like constant shell in walls and ceilings of wood perpendicular to the large window towards him garden and to the inherited annexes. The house looks for the light and the distant sights in the first plant. The surfaces transform in identical walls and big sliding doors of boards white plywoods. Again in plant down covered a small study gathered with zenithal light and diagonal conference. The concrete tints his texture on having ascended for the lucernario of cover.

The stairs articulates the program, the tours and the openings. His situation comes marked by the existing hollows in the lateral fronts and the longitudinal sights that they allow. It uses as bottom to the openings perpendicular to the opened front.

This box had to expand and go out of his limits in all his points looking for the landscape.

Concrete, wood, steel cut and I glaze. The box of stone articulates concerning the wall concrete mixing plant that crosses the housing and develops the stairs. The cores of cupboards define the stays and conceal the whole set of sliding doors that allow the visions of the landscape from every point of the rooms beyond his windows.

The house is opened for the interior garden and is opened for the distant sights, the gallery of original missing wood turns into a great glass with frame of steel cut. Part of the walls they are reconstructed recovering the pace of hollows of the front to the street and others are opened totally for the garden. The mortar of lime is combined by the planes of seen stone.

Sober architecture of light and surfaces. A detail to the history of one of his owners, the set of trunks of birch in the interior. A recollection of the little that I stay a door, of chestnut-tree turned into furniture of center.

The fire I triumph with hundreds of books, furniture and recollections. Our work to construct the scene to return to fill it with hundreds of books, furniture and recollections.

Work: Rehabilitation of housing in Baralla
Author: OLA estudio (Óscar López Alba)
Location: Baralla, Lugo, Galicia, España
Year: June 2013 – May 2014.
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages

Prizes COAG 2015. Category rehabilitation.

Archdaily, La voz de Galicia, El Progreso.

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