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The new application Bruguer Visualizer allows you to paint the walls and to see the real time results, visualizing the colors, before applying an alone drop of painting. Using the technology of the increased reality, the application gives you to the instant a realistic impression of how your room might stay.

Now to choose the colors of painting is very easy and sure. Besides the option Visualizer it has other functions since he has several color charts and is capable of identifying the code and the name of the color that we indicate in a photo.

Apart of the simple identification of a color later we can guard the colors and combinations of colors in favorites then recover them hereinafter. The application Bruguer Visualizer offers the possibility of asking him to give us palettes of colors that they combine with an identified tone.

We teach the tricks to you to extract the maximum divided to our app of decoration. This revolutionary application allows you to prove colors for your room thanks to the increased reality.

Visualize it before Visualizer de Bruguer painting it with the new application!

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