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Surely know the book “Números gordos en el proyecto de estructuras” of Juan Carlos Arroyo, Guillermo Corres, Gonzalo García-Rosales, Manuel G. Roman, Antonio Romero, Ramon Sanchez and Oscar Teja edited by Cinter Divulgación Técnica and of that they have sold mas of 40.000 copies from 2001.


The tool, NG Structures is the application for mobile, as the book, is one of the the best and the the simplest method of premeasured of structures. Now you will be able to use it in any of your mobile devices.

Of very easy use, since in a rapid way and with the minimum numbers of information, the application offers a few approximate results that can help us at the moment of taking decisions on the structures.

A fat number is a short-cut espabilado to solve of simple form a more complex problem. The fat number helps to have order of magnitude of a problem. Or, namely his sound eight eighty. The fat number guarantees an approximation to the phenomenon, not an exact result of the same one. An approximation in which the worn-out time is fifty times less than the used one in doing a more exact number, in exchange for admitting a small diversion of the result, always of the side of the safety”.

NG Structures allows to calculate, from 4 big paragraphs: Sections, Concrete, Steel and Execution. Let’s see every paragraph thoroughly GIRDERS, SHOES, WALLS, PUNZONAMIENTOS, METALLIC SECTIONS, QUALITY CONTROL, PERMANENCE, up to 23 fat numbers …

With only the strictly necessary information you will obtain a result very near to the exact solution.

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