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“A new closing generates parkings in the exterior and organizes the traffics in the interior. A solution semi-industrialized with aptitude to adapt to the raised needs and to solve them

In an environment with a marked rural character one tries to endow the soccer field of Vilar de Astrés’s parish in Ourense with wardrobes and common services. The limitations them of always, economic and of term execution, to major the zone of action with determining and limitations.

The playground with orientation NE-SO in his longitudinal axis is delimited by a wall of block of concrete, darken, of 2,20 meters: of height in all his perimeter. The zone of action in the bottom South – west after the desk. The problems of parking, which are manifest both for the field and for the local center placed to scantily meters.

The very clear offer, the existing wall falls down in his side South – west and the new closing is late parallel to the area of game, and respecting the existing trees, generating a free zone destined for parking, on the part of both equipments.

For economy and period it is chosen for a mixed solution, which it combines prefabricación and works in workshop with works in situ. Six maritime containers of 12 x 2,5 x 3,15 meters lodge the services demanded by the infrastructure and with his disposition they agree 80 % the new limit of the installation. The parts of the closing between containers solve with elements type joists of concrete pretensado pushed in the area, contributing visual permeability towards the area of game.

The containers group in longitudinal sense two to two to form the closing of the field and to generate three modules, wardrobes 01, wardrobes the third 02 and one module that will shelter the wardrobes of the umpires, the canteen, bathrooms of the public and the store. The wardrobes, with two accesses, favor the lighting and natural ventilation and act as filter, discriminating against the accesses with clothes of street of the exits to the field with sports clothes.

For economy they work the containers in his interior providing them with facilities, isolations and finished interiors these works being executed in 70 % out of work, in a ship or store, which allows to accelerate the accomplishment of the works since at the same time the works develop in situ and the works of interior conditioning of the spaces.

The used sober materials, of easy cleanliness and maintenance; rubber in the pavement and walls of the zone of showers, panels of shaving I cement in walls and ceilings, partitions with panels of resins, industrial lights you suspend as elements of lighting and carpentries of aluminium in the accesses combined with transoms strategically located in the ceiling as reinforcements to the lighting and ventilation of the stays.

In the exterior, for economy, they make up, joining the elements of signposting combining both chosen tonalities, grey in the exterior front, towards the parking and the road one, evoking the tonality of the previous wall of block and talking with the closing joist pretensadas of concrete and ocher towards the interior of the installation, coming closer the tonality of the land of the playground.

Work: Wardrobes for soccer field in Vilar de Astrés
Authors: trespes.arquitectos [Carlos Mosquera, Alberte Pérez, Enrique Iglesias]
Location: Lugar Vilar de Astrés s/n. 32981, Ourense, Galicia, Spain
Collaborators: Ylenia López Giménez. (estudiante de arquitectura) / Alejandra García Macías (architect)
Photography: Ana Amado | trespes.arquitectos [Current State]
Year: 2011-2013
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