Máster Universitario en Arquitectura del Paisaje Juana de Vega curso 2015-16


In the year 2006 Juana of Vega is born the master of Architecture of the Landscape fruit of an agreement of collaboration between the University of To Corunna, the University of Santiago de Compostela and the Foundation Juana of Vega with the aim to give formation specialized in the area of the landscape painting, and covering the formative existing hollow in the university Spanish and Galician system in relation to the discipline of the architecture of the landscape and the complex world of knowledge that relate to the same one.

The contents are adapted to the directives of the European project Le-Notre, which it includes to more than 100 universities of the whole world, and that tries to homogenize the studies of the architecture of the landscape worldwide.


The general structure of the Máster, is based on the logical process of an action on the landscape: design, project, execution and finally, management and maintenance. Because of it it tries to understand and to harmonize all the elements and disciplines related to the landscape, applying in projects and actions relative to restoration of historical gardens, projects of gardens and public parks, sports fields, areas of tourist interest, public urban spaces and up to big global actions of planning of the territory, complementing it with economic studies of management and local development.

The purpose is that the student acquires an advanced formation, of specialized and multidisciplinary character, orientated to the professional specialization in Architecture of the Landscape.

The Máster will be given from October to June, in schedule preferably in the evening of 16 to 20 hours, and it will be possible realize or presencialmente in the headquarters of the Foundation Juana of Vega or distantly across a platform online. The assistance presencial will be obligatory when the workshops are given.

The Juana de Vega Foundation will grant up to 12 scholarships of matriculation, of 800,00 Euros each of them, whom there will be able to choose those pupils of Spanish nationality and who are in situation of unemployment.

If you want to extend the information you can consult the web of the master.

+ master.juanadevega.org

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