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In the year 1971, during the last times of the pro-Franco dictatorship, the International Council of the Industrial Societies of Design (ICSID) celebrates his congress VII in the island of Ibiza. What till then had been an event of eminently professional character transforms, in his from Ibiza edition, in something more similar to a festival multimedia.

During the days of the congress there happen the artistic interventions, the concerts and the conversations that approach topics not only related to the design, but also linked to the architecture, the urbanism, the artistic production, and to philosophical diverse questions. The congress is unmarked voluntarily of his habitual headquarters, occupying hotel rooms and being opened for the population in Sant Miquel’s bay.

Many of the persons who approached the island with the conviction from which there ” something was happening ” they lodged at the Instant City, a pneumatic inflatable and ephemeral architecture that finished turning into an enclave where to test new forms of life jointly.

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