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There appeared the first interactive Guide of architecture of Buenos Aires in digital support geo-refenciado (GPS), accessible from different types of terminuses (tablets, smartphones, etc.) in format App. This first edition contains 100 indispensable buildings of the architecture of the city, with his key data: location, images and synthetic description. A selection of the better of our heritage from the architecture of the colony, happening for the influences Parisian and English up to the most out-standing examples of the modern Argentine architecture.

Amicable through.

The App was designed and constructed thinking about specialized and not specialized users. Formed in architecture or not. And his contents, both descriptive and informative, since like that also all the photographies that it contains have been realized specially for this project.

The flaming Guide arqi is the first one in his type in the Argentina. It is a project of the Architects’ Central Company | SCA and his Museum of Architecture and Design | MARQ. His accomplishment counted the support of the Program of Cultural Patronage of the Department of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires.

The App is available for format iOS and Android, in his respective shops, can disburden in free form and can be used in Spanish language, Englishman or Portuguese. Also it will be possible consult, and make grow to level of the whole Argentina, with the contributions of the users, from his web platform.

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Diverse income to the best architecture.

For authors. Across an alphabet and / or of a seeker, the Guide allows to accede to the work of the most important architects, of the 19th century, the XX and XXIst.

Every catalogued work counts with: the name of the building, year of accomplishment, description, his condition of conservation, if the building is opened or not to visits, unpublished photographies of the same one, an interactive map and information, which runs on Google maps, on how to come, in car, afoot or in public transport, from the location in which the user is; with the distance and the time of trip in every case.

In order that the experience is complete, every presentation possesses a section of tips in the one that offers to herself to the user information about how and from where observing the building. Or what detail to estimate of the work. Also it offers advices on what options of interest it is in the surroundings.

Nearby is maybe the way of using the most interactive guide of way and innovative since it positions the buildings that they find near your real time location, on having been geo-ireference.

It forms other one of acceding to this fascinating patrimonial and architectural universe is across the Works. There the search is realized by building, by decade, or depositing the name of the same one.

In order to help the users in the use of the time in order that they could estimate and enjoy the buildings and of the places of interest that offers the city, the Guide arqi possesses eight safety pins crossed by the most emblematic neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

Each one has a description of the same one, a section of tips to be useful while realizes the trek and the approximate duration. A map put up signs with the proposed itinerary and the principal attractions of the zone it completes the information.

· Rute 1) Entorno Recoleta

· Rute 2) Eje Av. Alvear- Plaza San Martín

· Rute 3) Eje Av Figueroa Alcorta- Palermo

· Rute 4) Microcentro

· Rute 5) Del Teatro Colón al Congreso

· Rute 6) Parque Lezama- La Boca

· Rute 7) Barrio de Belgrano

· Rute 8) Monserrat – San Telmo

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For whom they want to have a global look of the buildings catalogued in the Guide and his geographical location, the platform possesses a digital put up signs and drop-down map, of agile reading in that the buildings, his position can be identified and accede to the available information about they.

In order that the look and preferences of the users also are present, the Guide possesses a tool of qualification of every work (that seemed to you?); hereby to every vote the called section conforms The users recommend in that these stand out and to weight buildings and works.

Para que la mirada y preferencias de los usuarios también estén presentes, la Guía cuenta con una herramienta de calificación de cada obra (¿Que te pareció?); de esta manera con cada voto se conforma la sección llamada Los usuarios recomiendan en la que éstos destacan y ponderar edificios y obras.

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