FOSTERJOBS began with the vision desmotivada that have the pupils at the moment of realizing the practical activities that the universities were presenting. Where these practical works were not representative of royal companies and often they were not in royal situations of the job and commercial environment.

– We are an equipment of Professional Young women, carried away for managing to improve the development of the world economies, principally with the development of the professional futures ” The university students “. Ready to work together with them, for them.

– In FosterJobs we have the slogan of work “Lve’s Th Way” what means that the things it is necessary to do them with love and passion to carry out them in a best possible way.

The Universities are going to lead to the teachers, in order that these could raise the slogan of the practical works to FOSTERJOBS. Once loaded the Practical Work, a code of access was generated, in order that only there could enter the pupils corresponding to this teacher. Then, the companies, by different means of search they will be able to be postulated to the project being able to offer more information to the same one and up to with the possibility of establishing a counselor to offer information and to guide the pupils. Finally, the pupils will select with that company they want to do his practical work and once finished they will raise it in order that the company uses it.

The pupils registered in FOSTERJOBS were depositing the code of access to the practical work so much to unload the slogan of the same one, as to be able to decide to what company to realize the practical work. These will be able to interact with the companies while they realize the practical work always and when the same one has a counselor for the same one. It is important that the pupils expire the times of delivery in order that the companies could take the practical works, to implement them, to generate his feedback and to obtain the recognition of the same ones. The pupils will be able to propose projects to the companies that are inside the platform, in order that these analyze them and of possible being they implement them; generating a relation pupil – company.

The companies are going to lead to the managers to enter to the search engines of practical works. They will be able to see all the practical available works for the universities to be able to select which be postulating. Once postulated to the practical works, there can be completed information necessary for the accomplishment of the work established by the teachers, interaction with the pupils to offer major information and / or mentoring during the accomplishment of the work. When there is received the practical work selected, finished by the pupil in the platform FOSTERJOBS, the company will have to put a status only to give the benefit to the pupil of rewarding it in social networks. Finally the companies that they are paid to the category BONUS will have the benefit of presenting projects to the students in order that these them could work according to FOSTERJOBS’s requirements.

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