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Exposiciones, cine, concursos, talleres infantiles y visitas guiadas entre los días 4 y 28 de setiembre dentro del primer BIA Urban Regeneration Forum, la plataforma dedicada a la dinamización de la arquitectura y el urbanismo en Bizkaia

· The cultural program starts on Thursday, the 4th with the inauguration of the first one of three foreseen exhibitions, the dedicated one to Imanol Ordorika’s work Bengoechea, architect of Lekeitio sheltered in Mexico after the Civil war.

· The former station of The Naja, opened the public from the 15th thanks to an ephemeral adequacy, will receive technical workshops, the project exhibition finalists of the International Contest of Young Architecture and will be the point of item of the holding a permit visits that will cross the city

· The headquarters of the Delegation in Biscay of the Architects’ Official College Basque – Navarrese one will offer Ordorika’s exhibition, a cycle of cinema and infantile workshops, and Meter Bilbao will receive from the 8th in several of his stations a sample dedicated to the Biscayan architecture.

The platform BIA (Bilbao Biscay Architecture), dedicated to the dynamization of the architecture and the urbanism in Biscay, will fill September of cultural activities opened all the public to bring the architecture over to the citizenship. These activities place inside the celebration of the first BIA Urban Regeneration Forum, who will be celebrated in the Biscayan capital between 4 and on September 28. This event, which will assemble more than 300 architects, town planners and engineers and will take as a special guest Norman Foster, who will gather the prize BIA for his professional path, will complete his program with activities visits guided by the city, a cycle of cinema, contests, infantile workshops, exhibitions and up to the temporary recovery of the station of The Naja for the enjoyment of all the neighbors and visitors of Bilbao.

The station of The Naja, neuralgic center

This way, besides the Tower Iberdrola and the Palace Basque speaker, that they will receive the technical presentations, the Forum will possess a headquarters of exception; the station of The Naja, which will return to be opened the public thanks to a ” ephemeral adequacy “, that is to say, an adequacy of the interior space that for only fifteen days he will return his brilliance to this singular building of Bilbao. BIA will place a platform raised on the platforms, which will shape a new modern and diaphanous suitable space to receive cultural activities and to that it will be possible accede also from the bridge of the Sandbank, since the conditioning includes the wharves on her laugh, an element of great attraction given his enormous visibility to the reutilizarse as terrace with a view to the Arriaga.

Between 15 and on September 28, the new space, named BIA SPACE: NAJA + TAO Architectural Lighting with Idar Group, will be the point of meeting between the technical activities of the Forum and the directed ones to promote the architecture between the general public. Between the first ones it is necessary to emphasize the BIA Workshop, workshops in which students of diverse schools of Architecture will investigate with the most out-standing professionals the needs and challenges of Bilbao. Between the second ones, the opened ones for the participation of all the Bilbaoans and visitors, can arrange an appointment the installation of the Center of Interpretation of the Architecture Bizkaina, a space that will offer to his visitors all kinds of information about the transformation of the Metropolitan Bilbao.

Routes of architecture and technical visits

As preamble to the celebration of the Forum, from the 8th and up to 26, The Naja will be the point of item of the ROUTES OF ARCHITECTURE, which will offer the possibility of discovering with new some eyes of the traditional tours of Bilbao. From Monday until Friday, with a different tracing every day of the week, members of BIA will show the evolution of the villa from seven streets, where Bilbao gave his first steps.

Three weeks that will develop this initiative, will start every Monday in the former walled enclosure, to explore every Tuesday the first expansion of the city following the course of her laugh and to know, every Wednesday, the bridges that communicate both shores of this vital axis for Bilbao. Every Thursday they will be dedicated to the first widening, which from 1876 departs from the anteiglesia of Abusing to create the one that today continues being the principal artería of the city, the Great Route, and, already every Friday, the tracing of the routes will leave behind the mansions of beginning of century to yield protagonism to the new constructions of the second widening, which take the villa up to Indautxu.

The visits will fulfil in Castilian, Basque, Englishman, Frenchman and German, of 19:00 to 20:30 hours. The inscriptions will have a price of five Euros and they can be realized in the delegation in Biscay of the COAVN or across the web from the next September 2.

For whom they want to know still with major detail the urban development evolution of the city, BIA proposes the participation in the so called TECHNICAL VISITS on Saturday, the 27th. In the session of the morning (of 12:30 to 14:00 hours) the architects of IMB, Gloria Uriarte, Eduardo Múgica and Agustín de la Brena, creators of Naturgas’s new headquarters in Bilbao, and Luis Domínguez, one of the authors of the clinic of Zorrozaurre’s IMQ, they will give his point of view on his contribution to the regeneration of the city.

In the evening (of 17:00 hours to 19:30 hours), Javier Martínez Callejo and Cristina Mata Ramos will realize a tour on the Bilbao of the 60s and 70s that will depart from Abandoibarra and will raise Artxanda to give to offer a panoramic retrospective of the urban development plans that shaped the city of these years and even to comment on some projects that finally were not carried out. In spite of his more professional character, these visits also are opened the public, who for 15 Euros can register in link.


In the BIA SPACE: NAJA + TAO Architectural Lighting with Idar Group also there will expose the projects finalists of the International Contest of Young Architecture summoned by the platform, which takes the soterramiento of the exit ramps as a topic to the station of Abusing in Cantalojas. In this contest, together with the shaped juror professionals of the first level, it will have very much I weigh the opinion of the public, who will be able to vote so much for Internet (across the link) as of way presencial in BIA SPACE.

The cultural programming includes other two exhibitions. From Monday, the 8th, the stations of the Meter will receive a photographic sample that will offer a tour on some of the key works of the Biscayan architecture. In total they will be 28 panels of images of the works and 7 panels with a brief explanation that will be able to be contemplated on the stations of Old Hull, Abusing, Moyúa, Indautxu and San Mamés until September 30.

The third one of the exhibitions refugee brings us over, from Thursday, the 4th in the headquarters of the Delegation in Biscay of the Architects’ Official College Basque – Navarrese one, to Imanol Ordorika’s work Bengoechea, architect leikettarra in Mexico after the Civil war. The sample will approach the merger in his work of the styles of both cultures and the contribution of the Spanish exiles to the urban development of the Latin-American country, which is the country invited to the first BIA Urban Regeneration Forum. The exhibition will be completed by a chat on the 23rd in the Bizkaia Aretoa at 19:00.

Cycle of cinema

Also in the headquarters of the Delegation in Biscay of the COAVN, it will be possible enjoy the cycle of cinema for that Rubén Corral, adviser of the Zinemateka of The Public granary and collaborator of the Zinebi, has chosen a series of movies (short, mediometrajes and lengths) that centre on the construction and building repercussion as today on already demolished headquarters the laboratories Jorba, popularly known as ‘ The Pagoda ‘, designed by Michael Fisac on the sixties, or the left School of National Arts of Cuba, the whole emblem of the revolution.

The cycle also will approach architectural styles as the so called ‘ incomplete Sicilian ‘ considered by some the most important movement arisen in the transalpine country from the Second World war, or will approach the authors’ figure as that of the Portuguese Eduardo Souto Mora. ARKIZINE’s meetings BIA will give beginning on the 9th and will develop until September 21 from 20:00. The entry is free up to completing the appraisal.

Infantile workshops

Finally, the headquarters of the Delegation in Biscay of the COAVN will receive the same weekend of the Forum (the 27th and 28th) the development of infantile workshops to wake the curiosity and the interest up between the smallest for the architecture. From 10:30, until 12:30, the children of between 3 and 9 years will be able to design his own neighborhood from different games inspired by stories. The participation is free, but it needs of previous inscription in the telephone 946 077 461.

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