Videourbana. New geografías. Latin-American contexts

Already there are available the bases and the inscription of VIDEOURBANA’s summons. You can accede to the bases in the following link.

This edition of the BIAU, giving continuity to the Contest of Ideas in the Network initiated in previous summons, tries to use the possibilities that offer the audio-visual means to put jointly perceptions on the urban space.

The aim is to compose a map of looks and urban experiences that allows to know first hand and to share the peculiarities, differences and similarities of neighborhoods and cities from the perspective of the inhabitant, seeking to exploit in different ways the wealth of the motto: New geografías Latin-American contexts, concept that he guides to this edition of the Biennial show IX Latin-American of Architecture and Urbanism.

VIDEOURBANA’s presentation will be in digital format across the web of the BIAU, so much of the video (by means of a link to a platform of video as youtube, vimeo, etc.) as the information of the autor/es, the title of the video, his emplacement, the mail and telephone of contact.

Deadline of raise of the documentation to the web: on April 25, 2014 (up to them 23:59 local time).

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