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The Portuguese artist Pedro Cabrita Reis will present, inside the parallel program of the 55.To Biennial of Venecia, the installation a remote whisper in the Palazzo Falier. The exhibition is curated by Sabrina go der Law, director of contemporary art of the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design of Oslo.

The walls and floors of the piano nobile of the Palazzo Falier, with a total extension of 700 m2, have been taken part by Cabrita Reis with tubes and beams of aluminium, fluorescent lights and wires, to redefine the space. In a remote whisper the artist deploys a structure rotunda, realised to base of industrial pieces and rests of construction, together with materials from his study. Fragments of previous works, documentary material, photographies, drawings and paintings, in addition to wastes found in the city of Venecia have served to compose the installation. Like this, in the Palazzo Falier  entremezcla the space of work and the one of exhibition with the language brutalista characteristic of this Portuguese artist.

Sight of the installation a remote whisper, 2013 | Pedro Cabrita Reis | © PCRSTUDIO/João Ferro Martins | Courtesy of Ivorypress

With this work Cabrita Reis deepens in his interest by the relation between the work of art, the space and the observer. The visitors of to remote whisper will find an intricate labyrinth with different paths by which visit the Venetian palace and, through which, have distinct ways to perceive the work.

From principles of the years ninety, Cabrita Reis has explored subjects related with the houses, the construction and the territory. Some of his works compose  of daily elements like tables, doors, windows or materials of construction, whereas in other installations tackles the space expositivo with solid architectural structures of big size.

As it explains the commissioner of the exhibition, “an important quantity of his works have been or are being created in situ”. His pieces suggest “a random conception of the risk or of the intellectual rigour and of the aleatoriedad visual or literary” and of this way “each work proposes us a ‘inventory’ developing of the world and at the same time a model for his perception”.

It is the first time that Cabrita Reis goes back to Venecia, since in 2003 realised for the pavilion of Portugal the work Longer journeys, whose resonance can appreciate in to remote whisper. Also it was the attendant to realise the Portuguese pavilion in the Biennial of 1995 together with Rui Chafes and José Pedro Croft. In this occasion the artist returns to the biennial Venetian of the hand of the five international galleries that represent his work: Ivorypress (Spain), Galerie Nelson-Freeman (France), Magazzino (Italy), Mai 36 (Switzerland) and Peter Freeman Inc. (EE. UU.), with the collaboration of the Office of State of Culture of Portugal.

Outline in the fascicle of notes of Pedro Cabrita Reis, 2013 | © PCRSTUDIO/João Ferro Martins | Courtesy of Ivorypress

Coinciding with the exhibition, Ivorypress has edited a wide catalogue titled to remote whisper, that visits the work elaborated by Pedro Cabrita Reis from 2010. The publication includes also an appendix devoted to the project realised for this edition of the Biennial of Venecia.

Pedro Cabrita Reis (Lisbon, 1956) live and works in Portugal. His work enjoys of a wide international recognition and results essential to understand the new sculptural paradigm that initiated  roughly around the middle of the eighties. His work is marked by a philosophical and poetic speech highly individual and covers a big variety of supports: painting, sculpture, photography and specific installations created with objects found and artesanales. His work tackles questions like the space, the architecture and the memory through metaphors of a sugerente can of association that trascend the merely visual. Central reference inside the Portuguese artistic scene, his work has been object of exhibitions in stood out museums and institutions like Tate Modern (London), Hamburger Kunsthalle (Hamburg), MACRO Museum d’Art Contemporanea (Rome), Carré d’Art-Musée d’art contemporain (Nîmes), Museu Coleçãor Berardo (Lisbon), Kunsthaus Graz (Graz), Museum Tamayo (Mexico D.F.), M-Museum Leuven (Lovaina) and the Pinacoteca of São Paulo (São Paulo). Besides, his pieces form part of international collections like Tate Modern of London or the Centre Georges Pompidou of Paris.

A remote whisper · Pedro Cabrita Reis

Place: Palazzo Falier, No. 2906 Caller Falier, Venecia

Date: 30 May – 24 November 2013

Opening Schedule to the public: Of Tuesday to Sunday of 10:00 to 18:00 h (free entrance)

+ palazzofalier.pedrocabritareis.com

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