Workshop. Henri Quillé. When attitude becomes architecture

Workshop. Henri Quillé. Cuando la actitud deviene arquitectura

“Formentera was unique. The sea, and a little rock in the sea, and I was on this out-of-the-way little rock where there was nothing. […] Being warm in the winter when it’s cold, keeping cool in the summer when it’s hot and retaining water, that’s all that’s necessary for living. The wind, the sun, the rain, was what I needed, nothing else”,

summarized Henri Quillé in 2016, living back in Paris after a career devoted to build around 30 houses on Formentera, the smallest of the Balearic Islands.

Henri Quillé (1928-2018) was a pionner French architect in self-sufficiency and renewable energy at the end of the 60s, but also a modern architect trained with Le Corbusier at the Marseille‘s Unité d’Habitation and cofounder of Atelier 12 in Paris. Right after the events of May ’68, he moved to Formentera in search of an ideal society and the myth of the Mediterranean island; materialized in the construction of a modern, timeless and self-sufficient architecture.

Henri Quillé. When Attitude Becomes Architecture is the title of a multi-format program about the key features of Quillé’s architecture. The immersive Summer School expands upon a 5 days –living and visiting Quillé’s oeuvre– and addresses Degrowth, Timeless, Modern, Vernacular and Self-Sufficient Architecture on a critical anthology of Henri Quillé’s work. The final exhibition will contain the results of the immersive Summer School in Formentera: showing his personal archive, as well as new photographs, re-drawn plans, a critical essay giving as a result an open lecture of his architecture in Formentera.

Thus, the proposal adds value to the architecture built in the Balearic Islands by exploring the unique position and contribution of the architecture of Quillé. An architect that has been overlooked for the large audience and his work not being represented in any major monograph so far. A body of work foreshadowing degrowth, showing that using local resources and traditional knowledge for a new architecture enables the economic transition from industrial production and material consumption to cultural richness; or as Henri Quillé simply said,

“Formentera didn’t seem small, it seemed big. […] Staying in Formentera was happiness to me”.

Workshop. Henri Quillé. Cuando la actitud deviene arquitectura

Workshop. Henri Quillé. When attitude becomes architecture.
DATES. 14-20 July, 2019

with the participation of

– H Arquitectes, Curro Claret
– Marià Castelló, Carles Oliver
– Amadeu Santacana
– Tanit Quillé, Antoni Ramon
– Som Energia Ibiza, Elena Ruiz (MACE)

Curated and directed by Guillem Aloy, Toni Gelabert and Tomeu Ramis

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