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A happy work

“Is it this to live happy? Can it be called this to live? There is in the world something less bearable, I do not say already for a man of good heart, or for a born well man, but only for anyone that it should have a minimum of common sense, or, ado, a rest of humanity? Habrase another way of living mas wretched, lacking in everything, when it might enjoy the free will, the freedom, his body and the life?”

Etienne de la Boetie

Woodworks Buschmann Bella is a project that is inaugurated in the shape of workshop, offering us a space and a time, from which to think on an epoch of crisis that carries a complexity that still us is difficult to decipher from where we are. Woodworks Buschmann Bella looks for answers from the recovery of the handcrafted work with the wood.

Frank Buschmann has been formed as creator, industrial designer and cabinet-maker. From German origin his infancy happened between South Africa and Nigeria, his adolescence and formation between Germany and Holland. His professional stage has been marked by his experimental spirit, almost always working in a way independent and linked to projects that push the limits and the established definitions.

After an extensive periplus influenced his beginnings by the cabinet-making, then for the design, the cultural management, the conceptualization of ideas, the art, the cooperation and a length etc., it returns again to the wood. In this occasion, with the intention of defending a pure exposition and of a great exigency.


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