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The rúa do Medio is an eminently residential street, parallel to rúa de San Pedro, entry of the French Way to the historical city and principal artery of the neighborhood of the same name. A neighborhood that, a today, is a reference inside the city for his social and functional diversity.


The set to rehabilitating was formed by a principal construction between dividing by three plants and bajocubierta. On the traditional structure of this principal building we are, superposed to the back front, the added one descontextualizado that was increasing the closed surface of the first plant and it was allowed, beside enabling a terrace in the level of the second plant, possessing in ground floor an exterior space to cutlery. The set was completed by an interior space in that there was a traditional building, to a water leaned to one of the lateral walls of closing of the plot.

The construction, vacated from it was doing several years, was not assembling the minimal conditions of habitability. The deficiencies in the cover of the house provoked the constant entry of water that, finally, provoked the partial precipice of forged of floor, ruining the rest. The added one of the back front, the solved in reinforced concrete, was presenting structural serious problems and an inadequate architectural configuration. The alpendre, a traditional construction opened with cover to a water solved with structure of wood supported on the wall of masonry of closing of the plot and on retaken advantage of props of granitic stone, was presenting irreparable hurts.

The house is for a marriage with three major children through that it moves to live inside the historical set.

In the principal building, the different stays of the proposed program, they adjusted to the existing volume. There remained the structural vertical system of walls of load, and one proposed a reconstruction of the horizontal structure with a wrought compound of concrete and escuadrías of wood supported on the walls. The scanty height of the threshold of both doors of the main face forces to raise punctually the loading/unloading platform of that one that ends up by being in use as habitual access and that coincides with the hollow that, compositivamente, it is not arranged to axis by the windows of the high plants.

There recovered the volumetry of the added one of the back front with studding and closings of wood shaped to the traditional way for amounts and sleeping on that they rest forged of floor and piers with glazed and blind parts.

The new stairs occupies the position of the existing one and is getting lighter as it ascends for the hollow. A hollow that becomes more wide of the precise thing to facilitate the entry of zenithal light to the different plants. The construction of every section that of stairs, from the box closed to the light element that hangs of the structure of cover, relates to the different character of each one of the floors. This stratification has his correspondence in the new element attached to the back front across the one that produces the relation to himself with the garden: exterior covered space, gallery-corridor and terrace.

The alpendre recovers re-taking advantage of the right feet of granitic stone and reconstructing a cover based on the system of the original structure. The new piece appears as an exterior space to cutlery with quarters of service and storage, solved with light closings of wood.

In the interior court there is designed a garden inspired by the existing flowerbeds and resting on the traces of the different walls. We were claiming, of this form, that the house was relying on a vegetable own, dense, varied and changeable environment that it should establish a more intense sensory relation between interior and exterior.

Work: Vivienda Rúa do Medio
Authors: Arrokabe arquitectos [Óscar Andrés Quintela, Iván Andrés Quintela]
Location: Rúa do Medio 27, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain
Year: 2015
Photography: Arrokabe Arquitectos (Initial State) | Luis Díaz Díaz

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