6th Elevators Enor Architecture Prize· Summons

In November, 2011, it does rightly now two years, when newly the V had concluded edition of the Prizes of Architecture Elevators Enor, we believed that it was the ideal moment to take a time, to do balance sheet and to value critically what had supposed the Prize so much for the company, from an internal reading, since for the sector of the architecture in general and for the architects and arquitectas especially.

It seemed to us to be at the time that after five editions we had acquired the sufficient knowledge and the experience to be able to examine if the Prize had expired with the aims and the motivations that were behind his origin in the year 2005, and also to detect if there existed some inertia that was removing us from them and that was necessary to rectify.

For the way, in his five summons, from the first one in 2005, up to the fifth one in 2011, the Prize was evolving in a natural way. With the first intention, and supported along all the editions, of recognizing the work of the whole sector and of prestigiar the qualit architecture between the company, the Prize happened of territorialmente had a limited repercussion to be consolidated as one of the prizes of architecture of reference in the whole Iberian Peninsula.

From the second edition, in which there was included between the awards the Prize of Young Architecture, or from the fourth one in the year 2009, in which his geographical area was extended, and from which it was possible to present to contest any work realized in the whole territory of Spain and Portugal, the Prize of Architecture Elevators Enor did not do any more that to be giving response to the comments and suggestions that were coming to us from the whole sector. Comments that always we have received with gratitude and that now, with perspective, we value as one of the most useful tools that we have had to our service to be improving the Prize in every new edition.

Between many happy moments that us there had brought the organization of the Prize of Architecture Elevator Enor until the year 2011, we identify some who were making us feel specially satisfied. First the architects’ high participation and the quality of the received projects; the great quantity of works presented to contest in the last edition undoubtedly they were overcoming fully the expectations that we deposit in the Prize in the year 2005. In the second term to have been capable of editing, in an uninterrupted way, a book with all you her work rewarded, finalists and selected, and that this one was received besides so positive way on the part of the architects’ community, recognizing it as one of the best available references to know the architecture realized in Spain and Portugal. And finally, to have had the opportunity to know, sharing experiences and learning of many of the best professionals of the Iberian Peninsula, beginning for all the architects who have formed a part of the Juror, to that we they are be specially grateful for having wanted to collaborate with these initiative and in whom we deposit most of the prestige that the Prize could have acquired.

In the side of the uncertainties, though in the year 2011 complicated of the current context already it was perceived as slightly inevitable, last two years have not come if not to confirming a reality of marked complexity for the whole sector. This situation, so much from the point of view I humanize like professionally, it does not turn out to be foreign for the Group Elevators Enor, beside having logical implications, in major or minor measure, in his managerial activity.

And nevertheless, and probably motivated precisely by the same uncertainties, and with the intention of helping them mitigate as far as possible, or of facing them from the celebration of the quality and of the commitment for the good architecture, it is for what we summon the Prize VI of Architecture Elevators Enor 2014.

On the basis of the current context we dealt opportunely to introduce a series of modifications in the structure of the Prize that they guarantee his sustainability though supporting the commitment with those who for us are those cannot be waived values of the Prize: independence, quality and rigor exemplified in each of the members of the Juror of the present edition: Eduardo Souto de Moura – president of the Juror-, Juan Domingo Santos – great Prize Enor 2011-, Fredy Massad, Luis Martínez Santa-María, Juan Creus Andrade and Carlos Quintáns – Secretary of the Juror-.

From these summons, which begins from this moment receiving the offers to contest – already they can consult the bases and the calendar of the Prize-, the territorial prizes are suppressed – Galicia, Portugal, Madrid and Castile – León – and they support as the only prizes the Great Prize Enor, to the best work realized in Spain or Portugal during last years, and the Prize Enor of Young Architecture, to the best work realized in Spain or Portugal by a 40-year-old minor architect. This decision, which also has his reflection in the composition of the Juror, comes based in addition on the consolidation of the peninsular character of the Prize. Another innovation is the variation in the periodicity of the Prize, which will be celebrated every three years instead of two.

Finally, as in all the previous editions, and for treating itself about one of his signs about identity, will continue published a book that will explain in detail, and with abundant graphical material, all the winning works and finalists, beside including a critical text of the recognized works, supporting the same standards of quality in his edition.

The Prize of Architecture Elevators Enor has been a prize conceived from the architecture, for the architects and with the architects, and from the firm conviction of which the good architecture enriches our territories, our cities and, definitively, our company. In the Group Elevators Enor we believe that a Prize with these values continues being necessary, probably more now that, and because of it we never encourage you to take part with the same spirit and illusion of other times in this sixth edition, from which only we hope that she continues being received as the holiday of the architecture that always has wanted to be.

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