VI Ecological Construction EcoArk Days

The days of ecological construction ecoARK celebrate his sixth edition on the 11th and 12th of May, 2013 with the intention of which more companies and professionals of the sector use the event as platform of spreading and exchange of experiences and knowledge, offering the possibility to the assistants of knowing more closely the different materials and constructive respectful technologies with the environment that they exist.

In this sixth edition we will initiate once again with the exhibition of the winning offer of the final contest of projects of career ecoARK. Later we will possess the presence between others, of Toni Solanas, Architect and president of the association AUS of the COAC a conference on the energetic rehabilitation of buildings. The study Pich Aguilera will speak to us on the industrialization in projects of building and environment. On the other hand, also different practical workshops will be effected, as that of construction with BTC of the hand of Echo – architecture Xarxa Gabi Barbeta besides a workshop of construction with Bullets of straw of Enric Garcia’s hand, a workshop of photovoltaic autonomous systems for the Escola Agrària of Manresa and other one of coatings of mud directed by Juan Pedro Franco (Mas Franch).

It is necessary to emphasize that so much the equipment formed for ecoARK, a non-profit-making group; as all the referees and collaborators who take part in the days, they do it of altruistic form, with the only interest of the spreading and social raising awareness. Supporting the firm conviction of which it forms other one of construction it is, not alone possible, but necessary.

The cost of inscription to these Days is 30 Euros, and optionally 12 Euros menu of food for Saturday. They will be able to find the application form in The appraisal is limited.

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