Utopia London

It had a time in which the London citizens had a vision of a better future. A group of young idealistic architects fused art and science to construct an igalitarian city. This documentary is his history.

Directed by Tom Cordell, the full-lenght film Utopia London is a trip to the city where it was born, interviewing the architects who designed it and meeting them in the buildings that created whose architecture fused William Morris with the rascaciones or the former parks with the concrete.

The tape explores the architectural recent history of London, observing the method and practice of the architects who reconstructed it after the Second World war. It shows how they revolutionized the life of a city that was waking the industrial revolution up of the poor conditions of habitability provenientes of. It examines the social and political agendas of the epoch and the history continues exploring how there has transformed the meaning of these buildings to be radically manipulated in the later decades.

This way, we can know first hand buildings constructed by Berthold Lubetkin (Finsbury Health Centres, Lenin Court), LCC Architects (Alton East and West, Loughborough Estate), George Finch (Whitechapel Road, Lambeth Towers, Cotton Gardens, Brixton Rec), Neave Brown (Alexandra Road), Kate Macintosh (Dawson’s Heights), John Bancroft (Pimlico School) or Abercrombie and Forshaw (South Bank). In his web you can see a plane of the city with these emplacement as well as an interview to his authors.

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