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Tribunales. Sobre una teoría moderna Portada

During 2015 the artists and cultural managers Leslie Fernández and Óscar Concha developed the last cycle of “Mobile Showcase Project”, space that for years brought installations, works and representations of different artists and collectives from all over Chile to the streets of the city of Conception. This last cycle took the well-traveled showcase outside the building Tribunales, an iconic work of the modern movement in the city of Concepcion, posing as a starting point for all artists who exhibited during this last period that what they occupy the showcase should have some relationship with the building.

This interesting and necessary link between architecture and art proposed by the curators and managers of “Proyecto Vitrina Móvil” brings the team of editors of Dostercios to plantéales the realization of this publication, which encompasses the work of each of the artists who exhibited during this cycle together with three articles related to the history and importance of the building in the city.

Thus, the seven exhibitors are interviewed about their work, relationship with the building and the city. In each of them there are different looks to a work that at times seems forgotten within the urban fabric of the city, being relegated in the middle of the accelerated transformation of it. From the proposal of the sound artist Rainer Krause, who sets his sights on the sound space of the building, to that of the architect Rubén Muñoz, who relates through his work the transformations in the lining of this building, including the photographer Cristóbal Barrientos, who shows the photograph he took years ago, when he lived in the building, showing an image that no longer exists, that the growth of the city made disappears.

Tribunales. Sobre una teoría moderna interior

On the other hand, Claudia Inostroza sets her sights on one of the oldest inhabitants of the building, Héctor Muñoz plays with the scratched and graffiti that currently fill the exterior walls of the building and Leonardo Portus puts in value the ceramics of the building, objects that have been present throughout his artistic career and in this building revises. Each of these interviews aims to understand these views and how, from different disciplines, they can put in value the different parts that make up a work of architecture.

The interviews are interspersed with three articles developed by the Architects Ignacio Bisbal Grandal and Cristián Berríos Flores, and by the art historian Javier Ramírez Hinrichsen. Each of these texts touches, from an academic point of view, the history and urban presence of the building, delving into its impact on the urban fabric of Concepción, its value as a housing building in the context of the historic center of the city and its position as modern heritage in full operation.

In this way, this work compiles an essential part of the editorial Dostercios´s work, one that has to do with the ways of intercalating and connecting disciplines in order to generate new ways of looking and reflecting on both architecture and art and our urban and social context.

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