Three architectures – Viaplana and Pinón

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Three architectures is a program focused on the figure of architects of the past and present that have marked trends with their works. This third chapter focuses on the figure of two Catalans: Viaplana and Piñón, professors of Projects of the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona and genuine representatives of a new architecture.

Tres arquitecturas es un programa centrado en la figura de arquitectos del pasado y del presente que han marcado tendencias con sus obras. Este tercer capítulo se centra en la figura de dos catalanes: Viaplana y Piñón, catedráticos de Proyectos de la Escuela Técnica Superior de arquitectura de Barcelona y genuinos representantes de una arquitectura nueva.

In 1942 and 1933 both were born in Barcelona where they studied architecture. Since 1971 they are professors of the School of Architecture of Barcelona. They work together and among others have the FAD award for architecture and the city of Barcelona. Today we reviewed his work until 1989. They understand architecture as a system of internal relations.

The program team:
Music: Francis Guerrero
Image: Javier Blasco
Production: José Ramón Velasco
Executive Producer: Eduard Araujo
Script, direction and direction: Francisco Avizanda

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