Tradition and Innovation A documentary about Engineer Eladio Dieste

Dieste’s work takes the brick and brings it to its maximum lightness in the creation of curved surfaces from a new technology, which he called reinforced ceramics: domed constructions made with brick, steel reinforcement and a minimum of concrete.

“The brick is economical in its production and has offered its own constructive logic for millennia. Throughout history, the Romans had perfected the construction of vaults and domes with this element.

In many societies different types of domestic buildings can be observed that use the brick for the construction of reservoirs, wells and lintels of doors that follow the technique of vaults and domes, where the brick is locked one by one, with a simple mortar. From this technique, high resistance surfaces are made (bridges, retaining walls, lintels) that resist the load from the weight due to its large relative mass.”

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