Concerning Fernando Higueras. From…

Fernando Higueras Díaz, is born in Madrid on November 26, 1930. It deals studies in the Institute School and of graduate in the College of Madrid I Study. It finishes in 1959 the career of architecture in the Technical Top School of Architecture of Madrid.

The Foundation Fernando Higueras has cultural character and has as aims:

“The study, cataloguing, conservation of the work projected and constructed of the architect Fernando Higueras, the collaboration with the public both state and autonomous administrations and places, universities, academies, museums, professional colleges, and other foundations of cultural character, both Spanish women and foreigners, in projects and academic activities of investigation, educational and explanatory, directed to the study and pedagogic spreading of the work and Fernando Higueras’s projects, and his meaning in relation with the contemporary international architecture.”

Concerning Fernando Higueras. Iñaki Ábalos. From the collaboration.

Concerning Fernando Higueras. Manuel Ocaña. From analysis.

Concerning Fernando Higueras. Nuria Espert. From the emotion.

Concerning Fernando Higueras. Miguel Oriol. From the beginning.

Concerning Fernando Higueras. Juan Herreros. From the distance.

Concerning Fernando Higueras. Salvador Pérez Arroyo. From the foundation.

Concerning Fernando Higueras. Óscar Tusquets Blanca. From the enthusiasm.

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